Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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The Tea Party is being explicitly directed by Heritage Action for America, who in turn is being led by a 31 year old punk kid, Michael Needham, who has probably never invested a red cent in the stock market, let alone understand how important the US debt market is to the world.

I know it’s hard to believe; but they’re telling you straight to your face. If you disagree with Heritage, small republicans of the congress, they will primary your dumb ass with someone ‘extremely insane’ this November, which will bode well in new “gerrymandered” uber conservative districts.

In short, the perverts on Capitol Hill have been ‘gerrymandered’ by a certain Michael Needham, who is most likely playing Black Ops or HALO right now, drinking Pabst beers and eating Doritos out of a bag, whilst us suckers worry about the fate of the US debt markets.

UPDATE: Caine Thaler penned a masterpiece. Must read!


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        Fly you shouldn’t disparage a young man strictly due to his age, afterall, were you not “bowling on fuckers” when you were 31 and founded this very site?

        *no advice is being offered in the above comment

        • The Next New Cat Thing
          The Next New Cat Thing

          Washington is run by a large number of 30 year olds who never invested in the market, have yet to apply for their first mortgage, never started/failed at a business, and never dug a trench.

  1. dayticker01

    I think you made you case quite clear when you said,”Let’s have Chef Ramsay shut down the government.” nothing less!

  2. jules

    Fly ever since you started working out you have been on a war path. Let the GOP feel your wrath!

  3. frog

    “the CEO of Heritage Action, a leading group pushing the effort to strip money to pay for the Affordable Care Act from the budget, said Wednesday that his group had received $500,000 from the Kochs. Michael Needham said the donation was not the largest contribution to the organization, and he declined to identify other contributors.”

    I wonder who the largest contributor was. Whoever that is, may be our actual leader. But since legal bribes/donations to political movements can be kept secret, we may never find out the name of our actual leader.

    And since it is kept secret, I suppose there is nothing to prevent the biggest donor and the architect of the shutdown and possible default from being Al Qaeda. That’s right. It’s a secret. So the biggest donor could be in a foreign country, for all we know. That’s how effed our political and campaign finance systems are in this country. The government may default and the people behind it can be kept a secret.

  4. UncleBuccs

    Just noticed our friend @BathSaltTrader followed ol’ Mike. LOL! Everyone, ‘boo’ this man!!

  5. frog

    What total bs some “journalists” have been feeding us all– that the Tea Party is a grass roots organization. What kind of grass roots organization gets a $500,000 donation?– and then says that that is not their largest donation?

    • hattery

      They once were until the “cocks” hijacked the party to make it about gun control, religion, and pro-life and pro-war and whatever other agenda they have.

  6. gatorsun

    want insanity.go look at /es futures

  7. tradercaddy

    Futs say there is a deal.
    Fly, you really need to calm down. It’s not good for your BP, all of this needless worrying.
    0bama and B0ener love their power and the troops have gotten their marching orders, as always.

  8. frog

    Well, if the futs stay up like this, then the Kochs– or one of the other large donors to this “grassroots” organiztion, must have put in a call to Needham.



      Yeah, that’s surely it, you definitely have it all figured out.


      BTW, do you have a newsletter we can subscribe to for these insights, or will these gems be published for our collective interest in Fly’s comments?

  9. tradercaddy

    I really can’t find news of a deal but you know it will happen.
    That’s what politicians do when they aren’t scheming. Blah,Blah,Blah
    I would be more concerned about quality of earnings overall.
    They don’t appear to be hitting expectations thus far.

  10. gravestonedoji

    Congressional insider trading desks active tonight…$ES_F rocking. Would be too bad if a Stuxnet variant shut them down. Or worse yet, some Obamacare registration website coding.

  11. gatorsun

    biden and Pelosi always buy the dips

  12. StocksRider

    dow futs up 91 points now. Ridiculous. Who knows what and who is informing the trading desk?

  13. xxxhuggiebearxxx

    Funny you featured this guy…i was researchign him earlier. He is a manhattan kid, son of investment bankers….turned ape-shit lunatic.

    Just who we need leading the fringe wingnuts.

  14. weegoody

    VERY CLOSE TO A DEAL – if you are stuck long long then you are stuck. but playing for tomorrow being a shit day is gonna be my approach. This DC machine moves too slow to get dick done tonight. So the world gets to player hater on America for 12 hours. They dont think this is funny or a non-risk.

  15. sgt hartman

    Citizen talking to his Democrat representative at a town hall meeting. Skip to 1:38

  16. ironbird

    Here we go again. Look at this thru the American Way. This is not eurotrash socialismland. This is fuck you pay me the good ole USA. The 0 must deal. That is it. How fucking hard is that?