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A Set of Steak Knives and You’re Fired

Time’s up. After the elections for interim tabbed blogger were held, back in December, I said “you have three months to keep your position.”

One of you have moved onto the next phase of “Tabbed Bloggerdom” and the others are fired. My advice to those who were fired is simple: don’t give up. Use the blogger network to build a loyal reader base. Should you decide to degrade yourself by leaving iBC for your own hovel, you will be making an extraordinary mistake.

Nevertheless, mistakes are owned by their idiot masters.

My mandate was for the interim blogger to seize 3% traffic from the other bloggers on the site, making it their own. None of you were able to accomplish this task. However, one of you came close and I’ve decided to grant leniency, giving that person another chance (the generosity of The Fly has no bounds).

Content wise, you were all superb. Everyone wore their hearts on their dirty sleeves and gave it 110%. I know, being the Blogfather and all, that none of you mailed it in–unlike some of my former tabbed blogger bastards.

Here are the stats for February, compared to January.

Rhino wins.

Both Elizamae and Raul3 have until Saturday to pack up their things and get the hell out of here. Please don’t make a mess on your way out. You will be prosecuted.

New elections will be held next Friday. Depending on the amount of interest, elections may last for two weeks. If you want to write for iBankCoin and compete to become an interim tabbed blogger, announce your candidacy in the Blogger Network. If you do not have a blog in the blogger network and would like an invite, email Vincenzo Illuminati at

As for Rhino: you have 3 months to get 3% of the site’s traffic, else you will join your filthy sleeved brothers back in the Blogger Network ghetto.

Congratulations, goodbye and good luck.


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  1. What are those, uniques or pageviews?

  2. Holy fuck… Thank you.

  3. Can the iPhone app be updated to show rhinos posts?

  4. Rhino deserved it.

    It’s been a fantastic experience and I thank you for the opportunity.

    • Wait a second here..
      don’t short~cut yourself, EM.

      All unique, Rhino, EM and Sir Raul,and such great work across the board.
      Impossible to compare.

      Congrats to you, Rhino

  5. That guy is a total hack, no talent, assclown!

    I kid.

    Nice work, Rhino, push it to the limit.

  6. Rhino!….that is all.

  7. Well done for all three interims. It was a fucked up three months to gain an audience. Spastic moves based on politics and blowing the clam. Hard tape.

  8. All 3 were/are good.

  9. “Press in peace.”

    V.King 3:21/3

  10. Le Flea aka Major Cohones aka Monsieur Jack Clawhammer is a cold muthafocker

  11. I needed a good laugh this morning and I got it. My daughter has lost her voice (viral infection) and she’s involved in several key songs for the school play “Footloose” tonight. I sure hope gargling with salt water and sucking on horehound lozenges works!

  12. From Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” –