Monday, December 5, 2016
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ISRG plunged into the bell because of this headline:

Intuitive Surgical: Shares drop 40 points as headlines that co’s robots being probed for safety by U.S. regulators cross wires

I’ve always said robot arms performing surgery is a horrific idea. I wouldn’t want some cow-grabber in Mumbai performing open heart surgery on me through some stupid arm robot and internet connection. I’m not sure how the stupid thing works– but I don’t care. I’d punch any doctor in the face for asking me to have that done to me.

I’ve seen terminator. No thanks pal.

Secondly, DECK’s numbers beat estimates, further solidifying Sam Poser, from Stern Agee, as a legendary market timer for the name. He was bullish at the bottom, bearish as hell at the top, then switched to bullish again. He’s the only one you should pay attention to with DECK.

Lastly, let’s talk about the giant elephant in the room. Carl Icahn is pressing needles into the skull of Bill Ackman. This happens all the time in the hedge fund world, but never this public. Going after someone’s short position is standard procedure, when it comes to ‘revenge trading.’ In this case, Carl is just an aggressor, multi-billionaire, who wants to teach Ackman a lesson. It never made any sense for Bill to disclose the size of his position.

Icahn is so boss– it’s not a contest. By timing the HLF board news, with comments from the CEO saying he’d go private, on the same day that one of Bill’s largest position– JCP– cratered, it speaks to masterful class embodied by the old war horse– and violence– that nerds like Ackman can only dream of pulling off.

As you know, Bill is a pervert and displays childlike traits when around grown men.

Old school Icahn is going to teach him a lesson and I am going along for the ride in his T-model Ford, top hat and cane (I will beat Bill with my cane) to match.

For the day, I was +0.5%–with terrific gains out of PAMT.

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  1. The Fly

    Oh, and that Mason clown need to be jailed, not fired, from GRPN.

    Common thief.

  2. Mr.Partridge

    You don’t nap anymore, do you… hard work…
    DECK nice action after hours…
    but overall was a very bearish close and VIX spike… high cash in next week is my programm

  3. Mr. President

    How much of this do you think started with Icahn being chagrined about Ackman’s pompous public campaign to go along with his short position?

    • The Fly

      It was so stupid. I don’t know anyone who thought that was smart, unless of course Ackman is tricking everyone and is long.

      I am sure the SEC wouldn’t like that.

  4. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    The AAPL CEO of JCP couldn’t run a hotdog stand in Time Square.

  5. drewdog12380

    Does that mean you would also be against buying $MAKO?

  6. Dr. Clock

    Fly Says…
    “I wouldn’t want some cow-grabber in Mumbai performing open heart surgery on me through some stupid arm robot and internet connection.”

    Yep. But there’s a lot of dumb fucks that would.(they be dead)

  7. The Hoonster

    Walter Zimmerman says that every indicator that he follows says the market is about to tank. Anybody heard of Walter? A website that covers Bears/Bulls and their reasoning would get a lot of hits……in my humble opinion.

  8. Cascadian

    Akmn will live 20 years past when Ichann is dead.

  9. The Hoonster

    Fly, some Yahooligan mentioned you at the PAMT Yahoo board.

  10. snoozemr

    all mention is good. site was affectionately/jokingly known as I Bang Goyim at the old stockpickr.

  11. Airborne

    There are some areas in the body, particularly the throat, where Mr. Robot can get in and out causing less damage and much faster healing. ie. for base of tongue cancer to access the base of tongue one surgeon comes and cuts your jaw (mandible) bone and lays it on your chest then the ENT surgeon removes the cancer or other problem, then the jaw surgeon reattaches your face. Standard recoup time is one week in intensive care. For the squeamish among you after cutting up your tongue they take muscle from you leg and sew it onto whats left of your tongue so you can kid of talk and kind of swallow. The miniature robot being developed will crawl in cut away the cancer and back out. And for all you who don’t know, yes a surgeon is controlling the robot, it doesn’t just wander around doing it thing.

    • DaveyNC

      As long as that surgeon is not dependent on an internet connection via CMCSA, I’m good with it.

    • Zero Dark Kitty

      I’m with Airborne:

      ISRG, is an American company with innovation and vision for the future. Along comes the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to pressure ISRG into deeper costs, more litigation, further delays when it comes to new products. Oh well I’m sure there is a company in Asia happy to pick up while ISRG waits out the FDA.

  12. Dr. Clock

    there are back alley companies in Asia willing to do about anything. 😀

  13. Rector

    So you’re saying that Sam is the real deal, and not a poser?