Friday, December 9, 2016
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Best January Since 1997

The January effect is here. The S&P is up 5% for the month of January, the best performance since 1997. How did the market fair in February following a +4% showing?

Your inquisitive desires beckon me to answer.

First have a look at January.

Now have a look at February you stupid child.

Three out of four times the market went up in February. 2001 was different, since  retards ruled the roost and the market was getting gaveled on a daily basis. Plus our government was secretly plotting to knock down the World Trade Center and plant the seeds to destroy the entirety of modern finance.

Nevertheless, we are in striking distance of NEW ALL TIME HIGHS for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Rest assured we will take out the new highs and piss on the graves of all the old men who waived their canes at the market, as it lit up higher.

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  1. JTU

    RIMM for the massive short squeeze about to take place!

  2. No One

    Tme for apple pie

  3. Mr.Partridge

    the month is not over yet….
    may be best January on record or.. not 🙂

  4. JTU

    Do you still like ELLI after the downgrade?

  5. No One

    Bot a few hundered shares of AAPL for laughs and giggles. See what happens.

  6. noodleboy

    the next tech bubble approaches shortly?

  7. Granpa

    Good Sir, how much does the Fed pump jiggle the numbers?

  8. TraderCaddy

    That was about the time the retail investor started coming into the market and the NASDAQ started marching to 5000.
    Alan Greenspan warned in Dec. 1996 that the markets exhibited “irrational exuberance.”
    That’s when it really took off.
    There will be a similar situation when the retail person comes in realizing the market has been up for 4 years or so.

  9. Mr.Partridge

    NFLX lmao
    what suddenly everyone believes in the bull market after me drilling it in their heads for 4 years 🙂

    • TraderCaddy

      I believe people are ditching cable and going to apps like NFLX, Hula, Roku, Amazon On Demand, HD antennas for the local stuff, etc.
      This should continue.

      • Mr.Partridge

        I agree – much more economical and on demand.. cable has so much useless crap on it

      • Raul3

        I’ve been on this setup for a few years. It’s pretty great although I curse NFLX every time I turn it on for having nothing to watch. Then I resort to watching documentaries made in the 90’s and wearing my duster.

        • The Fly

          Apple TV is much better, as iTunes has ALL MOVIES

        • TraderCaddy

          Can I get The Real Housewives of (fill in the blank)________ on AAPL TV or Pawn Stars (love to watch the people get thrown out by security)?

        • Mr.Partridge

          do you watch real Housewives for stock tips? lol

        • T-Bird

          I have no idea why people buy Apple TV boxes. Totally overpriced. Western Digital boxes destroy them. Supports DNLA out of the box and will play anything I throw at it. Far superior in its functionality and allows you to tinker with it all day long. Best of all: no itunes. Apple TV isnt even the 3rd best option IMO.

        • The Fly

          What the hell are you talking about?

          ATV supports iTunes . What the hell does a wdc do? I never even heard of it.


        • T-Bird

          Obviously ATV supports it. I want to get away from it. My WD box accomplishes this and more. Getting you away from itunes is a good thing. itunes is garbage. I want total control over my devices and data, itunes limits this.

          I recommend looking into it:

        • The Fly

          I don’t have time for this. iTunes is perfect for my needs.

        • The Fly

          How in the world do you buy movies if not from an iTunes platform?

          Where will you rent movies? Surely not nflx.

          iTunes has the biggest catalog of movies anyhwhere. Stop hating

        • some_shmuck

 – most movies in 1080p out there. Of course, that kind of video quality doesn’t matter when you’re old and cannot see very well.

        • Fidel Cash Grow

          Netflix doesnt have a ton of must see movies but in my opinion have great content. Their focus is on TV shows, which provide weeks rather than a few hours of entertainment. Have you seen Luther? House of Cards (the original)? Downton Abbey? Hell on Wheels? Just pick one and start watching. I had never seen “its always Sunny in Philadelphia” until i started watching on NFLX a few weeks ago; what a hilarious show. My eldest son watches SpongeBob while taking a dump. All well worth $8 per month. My coffee costs that much for Christs sake.

        • TMoe

          agree. spend more time browsing thru bullshit than actually watching movies

  10. TraderCaddy

    Looks to me like Maria on CNBC was trying to pick up Richard Gere, CEO of JPM.

  11. TraderCaddy

    VHC is salivating over that AAPL cash, I am sure.
    No need to garnish their Bank Account or send the Sheriff in to AAPL HQ and levy on the computers.

  12. TMoe

    The chasers of NFLX will be burned in due time. Risk on motherfuckers until….. it aint

  13. TMoe

    when INTC introduces their tv service all the rest will be left in the dust

  14. TraderCaddy

    So what happens to AAPL if on the earnings call Cook says a 2-1 split and that China will allow it to buy some of China Mobile?
    Just day dreaming.

  15. TMoe

    Gundlach’s call of AAPL to $420 doesn’t sound so crazy now does it

  16. No One

    Well, maybe that will mark a top.

  17. Mr.Partridge

    AAPL … might need a bail out…

  18. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    AAPL is CRPL

  19. Smoe

    All the analysts calling AAPL broken.

  20. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    What do they have…a midget 4″ 16:9 screen with a LOT less features than Ice Cream Sandwich and with Jelly Bean rolling out fuggetaboutit.

  21. TraderCaddy

    I just bought a very small tiny minuscule amount of AAPL in AH @ 460.65.
    I am in a gambling mood.
    The stock is a pig with cash.
    Of course, I will dump it no matter what sometime tomorrow.

  22. dk

    I’m a NFLX subscriber but only because I’m too lazy to hit the cancel button. Been one since the first days. Why would anyone join today? Disney or not the selection is pretty lame. Once the shorts are amply squeezed surely the stock will succumb to the earth’s gravitational force.

    AAPL… why would anyone who earns money buy shares before earnings? Idiotic.

  23. Tpain

    THLD getting started early on its seasonality rip.

  24. noodleboy

    Black Berry 10 release coming up soon.