Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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Let this be a final warning to you chicken jerkers out there. The market has run up large and earnings are bound to disrupt the whimsical order of things. If I were you, I’d avoid any name that missed earnings last quarter or who could be viewed as “exposed” to economic downturn in the northeast, due to Hurricane Sandy. You might also want to avoid being long basic material names that depend on the chinese. As you know, they are oddball creatures, who are as predictable as a glass filled with glyceryl trinitrate.

The market is going higher, yet again. But if you were part of the unfortunate cabal of homosexual male investors who bought COH as part as a long term investment plan, you are deeply regretful today. Be careful with your earnings plays and prepare to buy 20% lower, if you must keep winding the Jack in the Box, thirsting for surprise.

I’m flat for the day and my cash position is down to less than 10%. I hate announcing when I am fully invested because, without failure, every time I do that the market tops out. Nevertheless, my biggest impediment for today is NAV and ELLI, while VHC is lifting me to a break-even.

Finally, YELP looks interesting here, strong at a time when it should be weak. Don’t look now but social networking stocks have been on fire over the past 3 months. Shares of FB, SFUN, SPMD, NFLX, TRIP, OWW, CYOU and  ANGI have all returned over 25% over the past 3 months. Perhaps the second wave of buying will lift shares of  the laggards, namely BV, BCOV, IACI, QNST, YELP, Z and AWAY.

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  1. acehood

    when will WNR rise again?

  2. real dickish


    • Hammurabi's Code

      Isn’t That is The Code Of Fly?
      Men over the age of 52.5 (whatever the cutoff was, i don’t remember) shalt be kicked down a flight of steps until they perish.
      If thou art old, thou shalt be considered a burden and must be relieved of existence?
      Japan immediately must be bought in accordance to the law of fly

  3. noodleboy

    Today a consolidation day, I think indices finish the swing higher tomorrow or next.

  4. JTU

    Is ELLI a good entry point here?

  5. ed

    I couldn’t be happier with $CREE

  6. No One

    Looks like AAPL cocaine party is coming. News must be out.