Thursday, December 8, 2016
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It’s a Blackberry, Nokia, Netflix Type of World

I was going to dedicate this post to discuss how the once gentleman sport of mortal war has been transformed into a social experiment–by allowing women to patrol the front lines of our useless, idiotic wars in a combat role. However, after reading about this last minute “game changer”, done by a Secretary of Defense hack (Panetta) who literally has one foot out of the door–I’ve concluded that my time is best spent discussing the sudden resurgence of RIMM-NOK-NFLX.

After all, we’ve all seen Batman and the women seem to have a pretty good handle on things there. It’s gonna be just like the movies, except for the unfortunate realities of stark raving mad cavemen fixed on deflowering American infantry POW’s while on earth, instead of receiving them in the traditional setting– from Allah72– during the afterlife.

Aside from being distracted by this administration’s social engineering gone bizarrely suicidal, I was disappointed to see AAPL get sodomized in after-hours trade, following another bad earnings report. The law of large numbers has finally asserted itself and it really has nothing to do with AAPL, just the idiot who runs it –Tim Cook. I blame him for everything. I blame him for cancer.

There’s only so many markets Apple could flood with their FOXCONN manufactured wares before saturation took a toll. For decades, Apple positioned itself as an outsider, a rebel looking to “deflower” the establishment. But since its leader died, the company, via unmatched, historical success, has morphed from being the guy protesting “the man” to the man himself, billy club and all.

Apple has become an arrogant bully and people have been protesting their innovation through the absurd purchases of inferior products. Nevertheless, AAPL is still a cash cow and the cash will need to be distributed to shareholders soon enough.

When Facebook was at $18, no one wanted to touch it. When NFLX was in the $50’s, people mocked it. And when AAPL was at $700, everyone loved it.

Put things into perspective and understand that the sheep are rarely right. AAPL has been plunging because hedgefunds were sodomized by the neanderthals who were running AAPL into the ground.

I am sure Leon Panetta owns a blackberry and is long a gagillion shares of NOK/NFLX.

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  1. JTU

    What will you do with your AAPL position?
    Dump or add?

  2. Samiam

    I own 500 shares at 462 now. I want out at 472 tomorrow, but I’m regretting getting into this and fearing it can open at 450 or lower. Damn!

  3. Kevin Lomax

    “Did you, or did you not, refer to Tim Cook as a ‘disgusting hog beast'”?

  4. kmg

    got into both nokia and bb on 12/21 but still wish I would have pulled the trigger on netflix. Not a tech company, but BAC has had the same mockery story over the past 12 months. BBY the same, up 32% in the past month.

  5. JTU

    David Tepper says“This country is on the verge of an explosion of greatness” Equities to explode to the upside, 30% year end gains are attainable!

    • Heaterman

      You’ll need those 30% gains to keep abreast of inflation if the Bernanks of this world have their way.

  6. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    The Muslims have already deflowered captured infantry soldiers. Didn’t you hear about the Saudi Sgt that raped the 13 year old boy in Las Vegas?

    • Cascadian

      American GIs have done the same and worse around the world at times. Focusing on a single event involving a Saudi Sgt doesn’t mean much.

      • The Fly

        Yes, American GIs rape young boys all the time. American gis also cut the heads off of their prisoners and use the heads to play baseball.

      • youknowitsme

        Unfortunately war is necessary and at times, just. It is hell. I have personally pissed on the dead body of an adversary that would have done the same to me.

    • Dirk

      Damn, took that kid’s brown orchid. He was probably saving that for someone special.

  7. Heaterman

    “except for the unfortunate realities of stark raving mad cavemen fixed on deflowering American infantry POW’s while on earth,”

    Shortly after that, said cavemen will cut off the heads of our young women, burn their bodies after a gasoline bath and then drag them through the streets.

    That will give us all the more reason to nuke their pissant countries into molten glass so maybe it will turn out well in the end.

    Apologies for that little diatribe but I can see no earthly use for radical Islamists.

  8. Cascadian

    Apple is still pretty good. I’m gonna look to buy back if it seems the bottom is in.
    The thing that may be hurting them is their changed method of giving guidance. They used to give a single number and then beat it by 35%. Now they are giving a range, and saying they expect to finish within that range. So the idea of smashing guidance numbers may be a thing of the past.

  9. Cascadian

    Today’s young caucasian men seem rather sissified at times. Way too sensitive.

  10. JTU

    Nikkei closed +1.28%!
    S/B good for Japanese exporters tomorrow as well as DXJ and WETF.

  11. MX2101

    One half inch of snow here overnight. I assume the masses have already stripped the grocery stores of toilet paper, bread, bottled water, etc.

    It is a great comfort knowing that in times of inclement weather, Americans are fastidious about keeping their anal regions clean!

  12. No One

    Market turned into a fucking casino. Let’s just gap up and down everything.

  13. Patrick

    I don’t know why anyone is worried about Apple. It will come back just you wait n see pal!!

    • T-Bird

      Yep. But they need to continue and get back to establishing themselves as a technology leader. They arent doing that with the iphone anymore and the ultrabook is going to steal market share of the macbook once the public wakes up to them.

      I sometimes wonder if the more technologically savvy younger generation will be the worst thing to happen to Apple.

  14. tw

    Apple investors are getting “Rochdaled” or is that “roachdaled”? …….

  15. Rob T

    Long NOK from $3. No way that was going to $0 with the MS bankroll and a likely bailout from the Finnish government should that have failed to shore things up.