Friday, May 6, 2016
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  1. Maximus for the win!

  2. RON PAUL ’12

  3. In a nut shell, voting for Maximus says, rather loudly, that you enjoy girthy dongs in your intestinal tract.

    • Maximus is fit without exercise; Maximus is weathly without working; Maximus is great without trying. The average among us must try to achieve these things. Maximus simply is these things.

  4. Money over B*tches

    Less blogging and more banking coin, please!!!

  5. Carly Sonenclar gets my vote!
    Although it was not her best night.

  6. Remember, the top 3 win

  7. Very good non-PPT people (and PPT people who don’t want us divided by class).
    A vote for Raul3 is a vote for dignity and against the establishment who would divide us.

  8. Forgot to add- Once Raul3 looks safe inside the top 3 perhaps it would be good to get ElizaMae in and past Maximus (Rhino looks set).. Maximus is the candidate of the powerful and the entrenched establishment.
    It would be pretty cool to have a school crossing guard in plus
    (s)he too is the only other one who has sought out the vote of the foundation of iBC (non-PPTers).
    PS Sorry ElizaMae. Don’t know if you are a he, a she (short for Elizabeth?), a bigender, or a third gender, etc.

  9. Which one is promising the most free stuff?

  10. Who will not eliminate my IBC entitlements while not raising my IBC taxes?

  11. Poll closes at market close?

  12. A vote for the Rhinosowurst is a vote for muscle-bound steroid rage! HGH users unite!

  13. Whe you vote, just remember that Raul3 has turned on us non-PPT folk and introduced class warfare.
    He is the Bill Clinton “I did not have sex with that woman” politician of iBC.

  14. WTF??? Writers’ block ? You have nothing better to do than announce
    blogger elections…………this site sucks .

    • It’s December… who gives a rat’s ass about this low volume bullshit.

      Fly and Crew have busted their ass all year picking stocks, talking shop and dishing out opinions on what’s coming.

      Maybe there should be posts every day about the Fiscal Cliff?

      Seriously. Go Long.. go home. Go to sleep. Buy stuff for Xmas and don’t worry about it.

      In Jan… or late December, this crew will be prepping for next year’s same old same old.

      Now go live it up! QE to Infinity.

  15. Gold and silver stocks sucking dick!

  16. Eliza– bring on your minions!

  17. Vote for ElizaMae (the crossing guard) as she tells your child “the white lines you need to obey.”

  18. ravi shankar?