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An Appeal to The PPT

What has been clear since the election began in these most hallowed of hallowed halls is the lack of support I’ve received from members of The PPT.  It has even been speculated that I represent the “anti-PPT candidate” to which I say without question I am not.  When Fly, very appropriately manifesting into Plutonium Petey, dropped The PPT BOMBSHELL on the interwebs, I knew the game had changed.

iBankCoin was my first stop every time I fired up my PC then as it is now.  But I knew the bar had been raised, and I would be left behind.  I was broke.  I couldn’t afford the small door charge to enter the club.  Plus, I figured, fuck it I’ll hang out in the back ally and piece together what I could.

Back then for many devote readers The PPT represented a reprieve from the moronic plebs and a more refined domicile.  I noticed some of my favorite commentary leaving the public forums.  Traders like Moober, Trading Wife, Braveflaps, Anton, Bernie Cornfield, and so many more trickled away.  There were even talks that Alphadog was blogging on the inside, he was always a favorite read.  But I pressed forward on my coin banking mission, knowing I’d eventually pay my dues and take the ride.  Soon Chess and Rage had 12631 and even more of my favorites vanished.

Here we are today, why do I stand alone and without The PPT?

About a year into the founding of The PPT, I started gaining interest in future contracts.  Auction theory was being talked about for the first time by guys like @futurestrader71 and I was impressed.  Something about volume at price is so intuitive.  The more I’ve ventured down this rabbit hole, the more resources I’ve diverted its way.  You’ll quickly find out good data isn’t free.  A decent data feed will run you around eighty bucks a month.  Then there’s charting platforms who charge and you have to find one that fits your plan.  In short, I’ve committed my budgeted annual trading expense allotment (Raul3 the accountant coming out) to advancing my knowledge of futures.  But I’ll never stop trading stocks.

I tell you all of this, members of The PPT, optimates, as an appeal to your better judgment and to offer you a promise.  You traders are more than members of an exclusive club.  You represent everything this site was founded on, the traditions we hold and an ace ability to bank coin.  Should my blog wage from Sir Fly provide a boost in income capable of funding a PPT membership that will be the first place the money spent.  FOR KING AND COUNTRY!

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  1. elizamae

    Weird you should say that, I was just thinking about alphadawgg tonight…and how much I enjoyed his PPT blog.
    Whatever happened to him?

    Then again, I don’t even know if the internet could handle a chessNwine Market Recap/Fly What the PPT is Saying/AD EoD Commentary/portfolio update combination on a daily basis.

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