Tuesday, December 6, 2016
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The Turkey Gods Have Spoken; Santa Clause is Gearing Up For War

The markets have been bailed out by the splendour of mashed potatoes. As we speak, a gluttonous populous are raiding retail shoppes, tripping over one another, in order to “save” coin by spending money for X-mas items. The day we call “Black Friday” is upon us and “Cyber Monday” lurks in the crevasse.

Just know, today’s low volume melt up is one of the few “dunk shots” of the market. If retail sales come up short, Santa Claus will get kicked off his sled and beaten senseless. It’s also worth noting that every single crisis in the market is used to fuel short covering frenzies–this time circling around the specter of “The Fiscal Cliff.” Bulls will use rumors and rumors of rumors of a soon to be inked deal to frighten short sellers into mercy positions, breaking the shorts over their knees like pretzel rods. Once the reality kicks in, markets will fall. However, until the moment of truth is delivered, it’s casino time–courtesy of a hyper malfunctioning government body.

If you’re new to the site, looking for a hot hand, run over to Ragin Cajun’s blog. He just hit a grand salami long RIMM. The boys from 12631 are having a phenomenal year.

In short, the Santa Claus rally is in full retard mode. Let’s just hope the upright walking pigs have enough credit to fuel this rally until year end.


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  1. The Plumber's Crack
    The Plumber's Crack

    Looking over my favorite urinal screen I see that Le Fly has a rather large WNR.

  2. Dan Dangerdance

    Market still has gas from the overeating of turkey and starches- the continued eating of leftovers thru this weekend and the lighting next week of congratulatory cigars will cause a detonation to S&P 1430+

    Good hunting to Le Fly and all, and Mr. Fly, I only ask of you one favor this Holiday: Please do not buy a large postion in YELP, as I cannot take your screaming and cursing when it later rapes you, and ruins the Season for all of us.

    “YELP” is something a dog does when he gets underfoot while one is in the kitchen making a sandwich.

  3. joe

    every shit stock is up at least 10% from multi year lows…i’m guessing tax loss selling season came a month earlier this year combined with fiscal cliff concerns/profit taking and rich people selling and leaving the country cuz they’ve been obama’d, and it all makes sense

    now if they could only get the 10yr back above 2%, we’d have a real bull market on our hands

  4. Sour Grapes

    Enough already with the pale metaphors and trite pseudo analysis. Go to the screen tomorrow and watch the Gators and Seminoles kick the shit out of each other. Will the chompers devour scalps or will the scalps taken be trophies atop Gator jaws? Who, pray tell, really gives a flying fuck?

  5. JTU

    Molybdenum stocking stuffers!

  6. republicat

    One of these days I will learn to fully trust the PPT oversold signals and order the 40 lb turkey instead of the chicken nuggets.