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10 Things You Will Learn From Tonight’s Stock Screen

Here is everything you need to know about today’s trading day, just from looking at today’s hybrid screen inside Exodus:

  1. The Chips are still hot, and when I say chips, I mean Semiconductor stocks: See $MU, MRVL
  2. Warren Buffet appears to be wrong selling his shares in $IBM, up a cool 9% today (which is a huge move for big blue).
  3. Steel is back in play, the wall is indeed coming: AKS, X
  4. The China squeeze continues, stick with the best: BABA & JD
  5. Somehow Sirius radio is alive and well, as $SIRI looks to break to fresh highs on the year.
  6. Never bet against Tesla! $TSLA now firmly back above the 50 day moving average
  7. There are a bunch of nervous short sellers: DKS, EFX, SYNA, & SHOP
  8. There are a ton of mattresses being sold across the globe due to natural disasters : SCSS
  9. There are also a ton of people who apparently need to find the true value of their automobile: $TRUE
  10. And, Google is still king! Long the $GOOGL

Here is Wednesday’s full hybrid screen: CLICK HERE

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What I Am Watching Today..

Inside the trading room, within the confines of Exodus, we took a position in $RDFN as it was threatening to break $26. This recent iPO has been toying with these levels for weeks now, and may finally be ready to move up and out of this range. Check out this beauty below:


Another position that we own, is $OLED. The stock is hovering near last week’s highs, and looks ready to test all-time highs in the very near future. Let’s see if we can get some movement above $136.40:


Be sure to visit the chat room inside Exodus for more trading ideas.

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A Few Things I have Done This Week

Well let’s start with Tesla, since that seems to be a hot topic around here. I sold my recent long position for a minor gain, I did this because a man I trust more than all the analysts at Morgan Stanley went bearish on the name in the short term.

Another thing I’ve done this week is purchased The Fly’s book on Amazon. He gave me a free copy, but this is what you do when someone puts their heart and soul into their work. Go get your copy NOW.

Let’s see…. what else have I done this week. Well, I purchased shares in SnapChat, I told you guys to watch that $15 level #fireworks.

What else…I purchased $DRYS this week as it landed on the runner screen inside Exodus. I did not tell anyone, because I knew I would lose money. It’s a dumb bet.

I also got to walk through my first commercial project this week. My first strip center. Call me a young Donald Trump. No, wait. Don’t call me that.

And, I’ve also spoke to an old friend. He’s assured me that $BBRY is going much higher, much much higher.

See you guys at the open.

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SnapChat Adds Context Cards; Ride Hailing, Restaurant Reservations, And Reviews

Snapchat takes a play from Google’s playbook and add Context Cards. So let’s get this straight: Facebook copies SNAP, SNAP copies Google. Google must be the real King, no? Here’s the latest details for $SNAP:

The feature is called context cards, and it allows Snapchat to surface information related to a particular restaurant or business when someone views a publicly-viewable Snap related to that place.

Now, when you view a Snap that’s part of an “Our Story,” Snaps that have contextual information available will have a “more” menu. Swipe up on these Snaps and you’ll see a feed of details related to that location, including business hours, contact information, ratings and reviews, and links to table-booking and ride hailing services.

See it in action HERE.


$SNAP continues to struggle with $15. However, things can get pretty bullish in a hurry should we top $15. Here is a look at the price action since the iPO:

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Here’s your weekly look at the top 100 rated stocks inside iBC’s trading software, Exodus. The following screen this week searches for stocks that have a high financial & technical score within our system (aka The Hybrid Score), and trade over one million shares in average volume.

The results below are sorted by average daily volume, NOT the actual ranking. To view the actual ranking, the official screen for members can be found & saved HERE.

I’ve imported this week’s screen for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS. My favorites heading into the upcoming week include:

$CMA takes the top spot this weekend.

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Netflix To Raise Their Prices Again, Stock Hits Fresh All-Time Highs

$NFLX is off and running today, making fresh new highs on another subscription price hike. Here’s the latest:

According to Netflix officials who confirmed details with Business Insider, the streaming service’s middle and highest-tier plans will increase in price, with new subscribers seeing the effect today and current subscribers being charged more in their next billing cycle.

The middle-tier plan—which is Netflix’s most popular subscription and allows HD, as well as two simultaneous streams—will now cost $10.99 per month, up from its current price of $9.99. The company’s 4K-enabled, four simultaneous streams subscription—its “premium” plan—will increase to $13.99 per month from $11.99.

The stock is breaking resistance here, and threatening to break to highs on the day. The infamous $200 roll, not to be confused with the $100 roll, is on deck:

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