Thursday, November 26, 2015
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Follow Along


The iBC’s trading room (12631), that Option Addict and myself run, has setup a new twitter account. It is required that you follow this new account. Follow HERE

Also, make sure you are following the team on twitter. Simply hit the follow button on any blogger you are lacking on your stream, they are all good.

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Pandora Running On Adele


Pandora, ticker symbol $P, is back on the runner screen thanks to being one of the first music services to stream Adele’s new album. Today’s full runner screen can be found HERE.

Tickers of interest inside our trading room, 12631, include: QUNR, TSLA, DDD, AMBA, PEIX, SHAK, & SHLD

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Oil names are popping up all over my screen this morning, and frankly look the best if oil can continue to bounce here. Take a look at today’s +25% hybrid movers: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

My favorites include: MRO, OAS, HAL, WLL, APA, SGY, NOV, PXD, & EXXI

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Who Wants To Go To Space

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.46.16 AM

This is pretty cool if I do say so myself: founder Jeff Bezos’ spaceflight company has landed its rocket back on Earth for the first time after flying to space.

According to a thrilling new video released by Blue Origin, the private spaceflight company launched its New Shepard rocket to the edge of space and then land it back on the planet during the vehicle’s first successful uncrewed reusability test Monday. Read More

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A Look At Oil


Here’s a 30 minute view of the price action in oil over the past few weeks. A big level was taken out by the bulls this morning, let’s see if we can hold this move on the day:

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 8.39.58 AM

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