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China Gives Us An Easy Swing

Surprisingly, China led the way today with the $FXI, China Large-Caps, up a cool 2.22%. Indeed, it was good to finally see the Chinese Netflix, ie. $IQ, find its footing. It was also nice to see “The Fly” back with his $BILI club. And, as for me, I jumped back in Chinese retailer, $JD. The technicals make for an easy swing trade, see below:


I love how price gets rejected each time the stock trades south of $35. This gives us a clear area to define our exit should the trade finally break through those levels. Let’s see if today’s momentum can carry into tomorrow’s session and break price back above the 20 day moving average.

My stop is set just south of $35. Let’s let the trade work.

Bonus: Here are all 250+ top hybrid movers on the day, courtesy of Exodus. $JD makes today’s list: CLICK HERE.

Bonus II: Exodus members can save this China Screen HERE.

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DocuSign Finds Buyers Once Again; Here Are Some Other Names To Watch This Week

It’s another fun day inside our premium service, Exodus, as more breakouts were found and more coin was banked.

Today, the hybrid algorithm is flagging nearly 100 movers to watch this week. Some of my favorites include: KMI, WLL, GSKY, & PLNT. For a look at today’s full list, click HERE.

Let’s see if $DOCU can continue to climb higher, and knock down $60, as it saw another 25% increase in hybrid score.


See you guys at the open…

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5 Stocks To Buy In August

So far the market is off to a good start for the month of August, but there is room for caution if history is to be any guide (see $SPY seasonality).

If we break down the seasonality stats further inside Exodus, looking at individual names, we do have a few performers in the month of August:

HUM – Has a perfect seasonality score for the month in August, trading higher by the tune of +7% for the last 11 years:


P – Pandora normally starts a nice trend higher in the month of August as students prefer to listen to music rather than teachers. I like this one here as the chart favors further upside. The seasonality stats are just a bonus.


SLCA – Looking for exposure to oil & gas? This one has been known to boast double digits returns in the month of August. I like this one here if we see oil climb back above $70, or get a Hurricane in the Gulf.


IAG – Looking for exposure to Gold? The best month to own $IAG is the month of August. I hate gold, so will pass here.


TLT – How about some T-Bills? The month of August has been a great month to own $TLT. Seasonally speaking, it has been the very best month to own, followed by a good month in September:


If you like these stats, this is only a fraction of what our Exodus software can do. Come check out a free 7 day trail NOW.

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Sell In August, Come Back For Candy In October

Who made the phrase “Sell in May and go Away?” The month of May itself, seasonally speaking, is normally a good month for stocks. But, that’s not what I’m here to bring to your attention tonight. The month of August, seasonally speaking, is when things start to get a little hairy. Just take a look at the seasonality chart for the $SPY inside Exodus:


It’s time to get your kid’s affairs in order. It’s back to school season, toss your stocks to the side and buy your kid a nice pair of nikes. If you don’t have kids, then buy yourself a nice pair of nikes. At least you will have a new pair of shoes instead of watching your money flame up in a barrel of garbage in the month of August.

Cautious Warranted for the month.

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4 Stocks To Watch Here

Turnaround Tuesday did indeed happen, and now we have nearly 200 Hybrid movers to sort though inside Exodus. For those that feel like going through the whole scan, CLICK HERE FOR TODAY’S SCREEN

Four names that really stuck out at me for quick trades are:

Let’s see if we can nail a few these in the morning. I’ll see you guys bright and early inside the chat room. $AAPL needs to hold strong for the bulls, watch for more pin action in tech (both ways). It should be a fun session…

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Two Stocks To Buy On Dips

Let me preface this post by saying I am talking my own book when I write this post, as I own both $SPOT & $ROKU. But, these two stocks just got punished on some pretty positive, downright super bullish upgrades.

Here’s the trade from here. $ROKU damn near kissed the 50 day moving average during Monday’s session. Should we open week, look to buy the dip with a stop just under the ascending trendline– roughly $42:


For $SPOT, should we get a dip back down to the opening day’s high $169, I will be buying with both hands with a tight stop in place from there on my whole position:


I took some heat today, as most did with any exposure to tech. Here’s to a turn around Tuesday– I’m hoping we flush at the open. These are the two I will be focused on. See you guys at the open inside the Trading Room.

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