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10-28-2014 Trading Journal

After getting out of the mud, the bull jumped into the river and swam pass the 79 & 89 markers into the bull territory.  The bull has come back home.


Price has convincingly crossed the 79 & 89 MA lines to the upside which is a strong bullish sign.

Today, I bought back $AMRN, $NUGT, and $GALE.

I like $GALE here due to a possible breakout pattern from the daily chart.


From the chart, you can see that price has broken out of the $2 resistance today. I’m sensing a momentum coming to take the price higher.  It is possible we may see $2.5 and $3 in the near future.  However, the potential upside is very depending on the upcoming earnings report on November 3rd.  I’m going to do some research to determine if I want to hold this one thru earnings.

I bought back $AMRN expecting a bounce.  I’m also committed to have some position in this stock just in case of any positive catalyst to pop this one back up.  And I want to be in the stock when it happens.  I’ve invested too much time, money, and heart-break to see this one take off without me.  So, even though I might have sold to cut losses, I’ll always find a point to buy back.

$NUGT is a stock that I’m trying to catch the bottom by jumping in and out to avoid getting suck into the black hole.  I do not want to forget it and then one day see it takes off like a rocket without me on board.  I don’t mind the multiple small losses I’m racking up ’cause once I’ve caught the bottom, this one will bring in more $ than the small losses I’m taking now.

$DMRC continued to march ahead.  The shorts had its fun so now it is the bull’s turn to drive the price higher.  This uptrend reminds me of the January uptrend which started from $20 and moved all the way to $36 without much of a correction.  Could $DMRC repeat this feat and beat the January price range by making new high?


With more retailers joining the Digimarc barcode system, price could simply keep going up without stopping.  If their mobile payment solution has any leg, watch out.  This one can become huge.  Perhaps, it will make up for my missing the $LNG trade.

$LRAD is moving cautiously.


At least, it is moving in the right direction.

$ORBC finally got some good news to halt the falling price.  Today it announced win of 16,000 units order from one of the nation’s largest retail fleet.  I believe this is just the beginning of a migration.  With the eleven new state-of-the-art satellites to be launched soon, more and more businesses will sign up is my take of it.


Finally a green bar to stop the falling reds.

Almost forgot to mention that I sold $XONE near $25 to lock in gain ’cause of its potential resistance at $25ish.

Thanks to $DMRC and $LRAD (my two largest position), my port gained another 2.3% today with YTD gain at 11.4%.

Current holdings:


From my other account:

Still holding $MCIG despite another down day…

My 2 cents.


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