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11-25-2013 Trading Journal

Market opened positive , struggled all day to stay afloat; but dived under the sea by the close.

Over the weekend, I decided to get back on the 3-D printing sector and had chosen $XONE to be the one since price was reasonable at around $53.xx level.  $XONE opened higher and that was a good sign for me since it followed the bouncing path.  I managed to buy in at $54.xx average price and price proceeded to head to the high of $55.49.  Unfortunately, price could not hold and proceeded to collapse to take out not only Friday low but the lows of the last three days.  However, if you look at the daily chart below, there is a support floor around $50.6x which price bounced off from today low.


I didn’t use stop or even tried to cut my losses because my intention is to buy a 3-D stock and hold.  I had bought $SSYS around $92.xx after their secondary offering but I was shaken out during one of those mini-corrections and I missed the boat ever since.  $SSYS is now trading around $118.  So this time, I’m going to take some heat and hold.  I believe in the long run, $XONE will trade over $100.00.  It may even happen in 2014.

Seeing that I missed $CCJ, I decided to buy $URA instead to catch the uranium bounce-back.


There is still a lot of work for uranium to change its current trend back to up.  As you can see on the chart, the 79 & 89 MA lines are still sloping down.

Seeing that $WG had a spike up at the open, I decided to buy a starter position to see if it is bottoming at this level.


Price closed positive so there is some possibility of a bottom.  I’ll add more if price can bounce tomorrow.

$CRTO gapped up and I like the fact the price is now higher than 5 & 15 MA lines.  Thus, I added back shares I sold last week during the sell-off.


From the chart, price looks like it can continue to bounce higher.

$KGJI continued to bounce higher and I’m back in the black with this trade.


I like to see price takes out the 15 MA line tomorrow to show more strength in the rally.  This will also hook the 5 MA line back to the upside.  Regardless, I’m holding this one long-term as well.  Btw, my holding $XONE despite its being in the red after entering the trade today is simply because I share the same conviction I’ve with $KGJI- that these stocks will head much higher in 2014.

My conviction also applies to $CERS despite the fact that price collapsed after reaching intra-day high of $6.77.


Did you see how price bounced off the 5 MA line here?

$LRAD continued to correct despite announcement of more sales.


Price is still around the support line so there is still a chance that the weekly bar can still turn green by the end of the week.

At this point, I’m working on building a portfolio where I can just sit and wait for a year or two without trading in-and-out of my position.  Thus, I’m willing to take some heat (either in red or paper gain give-back) for this purpose providing that there is no drastic negative change in fundamental of the stocks.  But for now, I may still make change in the allocation of fund to each stock; so there may still be some in -and-out in reducing and increasing size.

Due to $LRAD being the largest position, my portfolio took some hit today.

Current holdings:


My 2 cents.

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