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A personal thank you to those who voted for me

By voting for me, you are telling me that my contributions to this blog is helpful to you.  I’m glad to hear that.  It doesn’t matter that I do not have the popular vote like the other three guys, as long as there are someone out there who actually enjoy my blog enough to cast their vote my way, I’m grateful.

I’ll continue to contribute under the “Blogger Network” domain.

I believe in the saying that “everything happens for a reason”.  Today, I know I don’t belong to the tabbed section.

No sweat since my focus is to trade well and make money.

Today election result is just another form of feedback for me to grow and to re-invent myself in the art of blogging.

I think The Fly will be proud to have Rhino (energetic blogger and investor), Elizemae (great writer, I thought he published before when I first read his posts), and I have no clue who Chuck is (pardon my ignorance!)


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