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Why I’m uptrend bias after today up day- weekly chart analysis of Dow Jones

Take a look at the Dow Jones weekly chart below.  Notice that this week bar still has an upward bias due to a higher high and a higher low with the low still at the upper range of last week green bullish engulfment bar (my version- not counting candlestick tails).  If today was another big down day; we would have a red weekly bar with a low that fell into the bottom range of last week bar which would exhibit a downward bias.  But we didn’t have a big down day to continue the pattern of yesterday bearish engulfment bar.

To me, a failure to continue on the path of the engulfment bar is as much a loud message as a continuing trend bar.  Since engulfment bar has a high probability of continuing; its failure to continue the trend in the next day means that there is a very strong opposite force come into the play.   This opposite force cannot be discount and can possibly change the direction of the trend.  In our weekly perspective; I believe we are still on track for our price action to head to the area (B).  I expect we may see some resistance at the 13,136 area; if price action could not penetrate this resistance, a downward trend may begin to complete wave C of this correction wave.

Since it looks like we are heading to point B to complete wave B, I’m feeling positive about moving 35% of my cash into equities today.  I’m always about 20%-25% invested in the visionary portfolio that I don’t trade with; thus, my 35% additional investment today.

Good Hunting!

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