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With Costolo Stepping Down, Investors Will Go Back To Debating This 1 Simple Question

I never understood the contempt for Dick Costolo. He always seems super friendly, which is surprising because he receives a quarterly tirade from my friend. It takes him like 6 tweets because of the asinine 140 character limit Twitter imposes. I find the character limit drives me to truncate my thoughts and separate the chaff. My friend on the other hand just tweet bombs like a madman.

Nevertheless Costolo is out and investors must now attempt to value the vessel and not the captain.

Never discount the value of an interaction. Each one carries an opportunity, which we as humans naturally attempt to evaluate.

What is the value of an interaction?

I’m afraid it’s a too big a question for me. Such a question demands a scientific process with the least amount of assumptions possible. Presented with the right data I am certain any one of you would choose the right answer.

Bear in mind, even the most formidable vessel will wander the seas aimlessly if driven without vision. It’s a shame Twitter can’t be more like iBankCoin, where investors unite the golden coin—stock market excellence.

The growing ranks of Exodus members have made profound strides in operating the new system and are empowering not only themselves but others with their insightful commentary. It’s quite the sight to behold.

If you haven’t taken a look inside the walls of Exodus, do it now. I’ll be your personal guide—just send me an email [email protected]. Better yet, HMU on Twitter @twosmuth, they need you to tweet more, dammit.

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