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Morning Trade Report

I cut DECK early, booking a small loss, it appears I sold near the LOD.  Water under the bridge, the stock is chopping about.

I took 8 trades in the $ES_F, 6 winners and a solid green day.  I’m calling it a day in the futures unless we see a major development.  I like the idea of stringing two winning days together and I don’t want to blow it.  Two trades were taken outside the plan, one was a scratch and one was buying the VAL I highlighted this morning which was my second best win of the day.

We’re in a major balance zone.  I’m looking at big names like GS and F which had contra strength early on, and just took a big fade.  I want to see how participants react/receive this fade.

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Closing Thoughts

Try as you might, you can’t buy RGLD sub 50.  Even when the opportunity presents itself, you’ll take to twitter and declare the next plunge in GDX.

Sometimes you don’t understand the force behind a play, but you go along with it anyway.  Broadcasting stocks are strong, I bought NXST.

Heptics, get with it.  IMMR

Your eyes are important.  Take care to keep them healthy even if it means getting away from your monitor to see the doctor.  No eyesight = no trader.

Utilities might actually die for bit.  Frowny face AWK.

CREE might take some heat next week.  I’m ready for that.  I’m ready for lots of that.  CREE is offering the EASIEST way for our country to reduce its energy consumption.  They’re perfectly aligned with our administrations agenda, and they make lots of money.  Hard to value but I continue to see all analyst coverage as short sighted.

FB is bracketed.  If it comes unhinged and decimates investors again I will me very surprised.

INVN is another great story stock, I’ll tell you over a bonfire soon.

HAIN is quiet, HAIN is good.

DECK made a nice comeback today.  I like comeback stories.  I smell seller exhaustion.

ANGI has been my second most profitable stock of the year to trade.  Who is to say I’m wrong at this juncture?

OMEX needs to find some sunken ship booty, stat.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.  Electronic music invades Detroit in a big way every Memorial Weekend.  I may partake mostly for the people watching.  I’ll be in-and-out, preparing for to crush our shortened trading week come Tuesday.

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