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We are finally getting some contagion action post BTC collapse. The ramifications of the collapse in Bitcoin are being felt severely today in the shares of SI, SIVB, PACW, SBNY, amongst others. The announcement that Silvergate would wind down operations aka COLLAPSE is sending shockwaves throughout Wall Street today, and for good reason.

I cannot recall the last time banks had been down this much in two days, now off by 6.6% the past week. You would do yourselves great injury by ignoring this. I have placed ample shorts via FAZ and some lotto tickets in UVIX — just in case.

Is this the beginning of a credit collapse? God I hope so.

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Thrown Out of the Matrix

My run is over. I fell victim to a vagrant form of identity theft last night and have been consumed by it all morning, tracking down the devil who placed an order for an iPhone under my name. I will find him and cut his head off.

Because of this distraction, my seemingly infallible grip on the stock market has been changed and I am now chasing the dragon instead of leading it. I had a massive short position at the open, which I errantly discarded and now I re-entered an oil short but too late and have been placed in a position of loss to the tune of -1.05%. It’s safe to assume that my recent streak of fantastic luck through skill is over and I will now spend the next 6 months attempting to achieve former glory.

To me, the market had looked good this morning. I was on the phone with TRANS-FUCKING-UNION at he time my fortunes turned from up to down and now I am blackpilled to the point where I cannot think of a method of go green today. As sure as I am sitting here, I will try, and then fail, and then try again.

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Will it Ever End?

How can it be defeated? It’s so strong — yet so weak. Rates cannot stop it. War cannot stop it. Humiliating defeat cannot stop it. Riots and social upheaval only embolden it. Every time something dreadful happens, like the entire economy shutting down or some sort of massive credit event — it slithers out from its grave and plants itself elsewhere only to grow stronger. It even changes its gender/race when it suits it best and tricks everyone into feeling sorry for it — just before it knifes you in the back.

From the looks of it, it appears it cannot be defeated. You can profit from it, via QQQ or SPY — since its wealth is intertwined with those indices.

I have tried my entire life to really get behind some sort of PERMANENT CRASHING of the US economy and to bear witness to it being destroyed. Alas, I wait, eagerly, yet with great impatience. I am tired of pretending and playing along with it — for the sake of my own financial security.

I closed down 50bps since I have heavily hedged into a net short position. The final 20 mins of trade saw it ramp stocks straight the fuck up, in what can only be described as an exhausting session of obvious manipulation and handling.

NEVERTHELESS, we eagerly await.

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Indecision Ahead of Assured Doom

In my opinion, markets are setting up for a ruinous leg lower. But I could be wrong and I like to hedge all of my bets, including my opinions — since they might change. All I know is this: everything is rot. everything is scornful. The future is bleak.

That much I am certain about. What the market does from now until then is somewhat of a mystery, in late stage satanic edition of Pax American — under foreign occupation.

I keep vacillating between long and short in my trading — unable to make up my damned mind. I know for some of you losers — seeing Le Fly magnificent and at the peak of his performance is hurtful to you, seeing that you disagree with my Tweets. My little tweets get you so very MAD! Big MAD! You huff and puff and try to blow my house down — but it’s made of stone, ancient stone really, and your teeth will fall out before my house falls.

I reign dominion over this financial internets. All others are either vassals are plebs hiding under my drawbridge. When I am finished pissing into the waters, I will order my crocodiles to eat you.

I am down 19bps for the session, 25% short on top of a 100% long book –+28.4% for the year in a public portfolio.


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NATURAL GAS PRICES ARE NOW DOWN 75% FROM THE HIGHS, off by nearly half over the past year. This just goes to show, there are never any shortages of anything in this magical world of ours. We were promised Europe would freeze and Germany would go back to wheeled oxen carts — but alas there are still cars on the road in Berlin and the heat is still working all over Europe.

It would behoove you to be fooled in such a manner again. Admittedly, I was into it and wanted to see what could happen during a very cold winter — mainly out of curiosity. I am not an evil person and do not wish to see Germans freeze. Nevertheless, I waited and waited and was mildly surprised to finally see the net results of all of the chicanery — which was the exact opposite of what they told us would happen.

Oh, it would be so cold. All of the little Hungarians and Parisians alike would huddle ’round flaming barrels of trash to keep warm, all the while people in Moscow would be toasty warm, drinking beet juice and fish eggs by the natural gas fireside.


So what’s next?

Maybe we’ll have another semiconductor shortage, JUST BEFORE A 50% DROP in the SMH? Or perhaps we’ll run out of toilet paper or how about some helium. That’s right — your kids cannot have balloons because we ran out.

What about a fucking egg shortage, depriving junior of panned cakes — also because of the flour shortages — thanks to the MUHHHHH supply chain!?

Before I forget, we also have a shortage of adderall — because why the fuck not with so many ADHD’s out there. Now with people off their meds, we might see some other shortages — perhaps in ammunition or maybe couches. That’s right — it’ll take 6 months to get that fucking couch — because it’s on backorder — mainly because no one wants to work at the factory anymore.


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The Dow Jones Industrial average turned negative for the year in a bank led rout. We still have gains in all other indices, notably with the NASCRACK +11%. But the mood is, all of a sudden, glum — as the Fed rate hikes seem to be having a waning effect on inflation. We are throwing billions upon billions at Ukraine, in a flaccid attempt at preserving global hegemony and to keep an ancient spite against the Orthodox Russian people.

Today the mercenaries of PMC Wagner took the center of Bakhmut and it should come as no surprise to anyone reading this blog — STOCKS DID NOT LIKE IT. Whether you realize it now or later, you should know the fate of Pax Americana, for whatever reason, now lies in Kiev.

I closed +19bps for the session, now HEAVILY short at 50% of assets because why the fuck not?

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Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

The sell off in the banks have intensified and I don’t give a fuck what the news is or might be — only that they’re cratering. The XLF is red candling like a motherfucker today, off by 2.5%. You’d be wise to hedge or sell short into this debacle, as we do not know what this move might portend.

Banks are off by 3% and the Euro is down 1.1% vs the dollar.

Bottom line: we are now bearish as fuck.

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Market Sketchy As Fuck

I had 30% hedges at the open and I felt really good about it so I closed them out for profit and then I immediately felt a sense of remorse, due to the market looking like shit. As a consolation, I took down a 10% hedge in SOXS and will hold it for a few hours.

I’m up 45bps, only due to those hedges and now have the task of not fucking it up, which means to trade defensively. It is the days like today that help me outperform, up when everyone is down and in the doldrums.

Rates are flat and there really isn’t much to be fearful over in today’s tape. Even SAAS stocks are strong. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we ramped higher from here.

Nevertheless, the market is sketchy as fuck and I need to treat it accordingly.

UPDATE: I closed out the SOXS hedge for a 3% loss.

UPDATE: hedges are back on fuckers

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Markets Closed Terribly — Hedged the Close

Even though I am boolish, I closed 30% short. I did this because I cannot trust opens anymore — as many of them debut sharply lower. There is a war coming, after all, and many of you will perish in the fires of retribution. You will be happy to die for it, in order to stop the next Hitler — as we are told. In order to stop a theoretical Hitler, we must become Hitler and impose dominion over ancestral enemies — all for fame and fortune.

The plight of humanity is waged through war and all great evolutions crafted by it. America has been on the winning side for several hundreds years — and so the legacy of the ruling elite forge ahead with your blood and souls in tow to extract from others what they cannot do themselves.

I ended the session -78bps, practically a day off for me as I was afflicted and still am afflicted by god forsaken allergies.

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Perhaps it’s my allergies afflicting me deeply, but today’s tape looks bullish to me. I know — we are BARRELING the fuck down and everyone is so sad natty is finished. But cheap energy is good and besides — who the fuck cares? As long as rates aren’t going up — all is well.

We have a new scheme via arming Ukraine and printing billions in an effort to start World War. After all, world war is bullish. Aside from the deaths, think about the rebuilding efforts. We can and will build NEW CITIES.

What is the quickest way to demolish a city?

World War.

You just need to find a safe spot, maybe in the middle of a forest somewhere, for the next 5 years.

I am 100% long, no hedges — down 55bps and hoping for a little late day rally.

NOTE: I may or may not change my mind dramatically depending on the tape, so you know.

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