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Cursed on a Ramp Day — Deception Around Each Bend

I shed 122bps for the session and got whipsawed in a series of shifting narratives. I settled on going all in on a pastiche of large to tera cap stocks on leverage. I am on tilt, but in a secure way that assures massive success and prosperity.

Breadth was an abysmal 35% and all the headlines will read today is NASDAQ +116 to record highs and everyone will pretend like today was a good session. But it was not. It was a dreadful session, if you didn’t own just AMZN and AAPL and anyone who truly trades stocks will tell you the same.

Perhaps we ramp again on Tuesday, following a long weekend of patriotic festivities intermittently disturbed by the occasional riot, flag burning and of course removal of statues depicting white men. I will of course light fired crackers and partake in the old grilling traditions — maybe even consume carbs and drink several beers. I will not, however, enjoy the day off on Monday — since I am not slothful and I do not enjoy days off. I want to work all the time and when I am not working all the time I am angered by the fact I cannot work more.

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PARTAKE in a little wanton consumption and acquire some RARE iBC merch and collectors items. Be the talk of your town.

LASTLY, Stocklabs is here for you and live. We have thrown Exodus into the sewers and burned her, replacing it with a greater and one billion percent more efficient platform. Come back next week fresh and renewed and join us in the Pelican Room.

Ok, that’s enough whoring. Ciao.

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Markets Are Higher — But Everything is Down Again

The most frustrating frustrations is to view the broader commercialized indices higher, while everything outside of those walled gardens are in fact lower. Breadth is an abysmal 29% and small caps are having their faces lit aflame. Yesterday we had oils to hide in. Today we do not have any of that — only loss on top of loss with the lure of profit in select stock cherry picked by the devil himself.

I stand before you RACKED with losses — down 100bps. It would be more severe, but I had 60% + in cash and made a few trades earlier to preserve my dignity. The day is of course young and many wondrous things can happen. But for now, it looks dreary and dreadful.

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Tomorrow the bearded men from the Middled East will decide how much you will pay at the pump. They were scheduled to decide your fate today — but several had other business to attend to and decided to delay it to tomorrow. Rumor is a cut of 500,000 barrels per day, which I suspect will cause crude to jimmy higher.

I ended the session +145bps, positioned in several SHIT OILS and more than 60% cash.

This was a tenuous session with most Reddit oriented stocks getting the gas chamber. If you walked into today’s session long meme stocks — you barely left the session alive. Today was all about oil and banks and some limited SAAS.

Nevertheless, I am a man of great adaptation and will meld nicely into any narrative. I hold zero biases, other than to strongly suggest eugenics is a good idea for societal purposes. Other than that, 100% love all around.

Good day.

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Locking in Gains — Trading Greatly Again

I made a zillion trades, many of which were for profit. I had to walk the fucking dogs and cringed at the prospect of giving up said gains — so I sold everything for +123bps, save FTK, in order to preserve hard fought wins. Normally if anyone said to me “I base my stock timing around walkage of dogs” I’d tell said person to fuck off and never speak to me again. However, in this peculiar circumstance, one of me trying to rally out from a slump, I find today to be of the utmost importance to get off on the first of the month on the “right foot.” Ergo, and this goes without saying, I shall trade for gains today, and much much more.

As far as I can tell, nothing else matters today other than the oil trade — which makes it risky. Since everything else is sleeping, if this oil trade CAPSIZES the entire market will plunge. I have no real conviction either way.

My Quant is fully invested again, leaning into financials, SAAS, and oils. The market dynamics have changed, shifting away from EV, solar and SPACs and into more republican styled stocks, with a side note of nonsense when looking at the meme land grabs that can come out from nowhere. I can promise you this — the faggots on Reddit aren’t causing these spikes. They’re playing them and trying to cause gamma squeezes with their option orders — but some fucker out there is trading ahead.

Back to trading. Feel free to join us in Stocklabs and learn to trade like a real man.

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This morning I found myself in an odd position — hating the crap I bought yesterday and loving a brand new genre of stock. This might’ve happened to you before. For me, I had to deal with a slew of illiquid death traps and it took time to extricate myself from them — trying to sell while also not completely raping myself. I managed out and got into and back into the oil trade — a trade I am most comfortable in with WTI north of $75.

Very soon, you will see oil rigs popping up in your neighborhoods, as people lease their lands to profit from the black gold. Teslas and EV cars will only contribute to the desperate situation municipal power grids find themselves in and West Virginian coal will thrive again.

There are many ways to skin this cat — but I can tell you none are better than horizontal frackers. As the price of WTI edge lords towards $100, fracking men will make fortunes and the share prices of fracking men will thrive. As such, I’ve positioned myself in a pastiche of these names and stand before you green, up 30bps or so, wanting more, effervescently and energetically leaning back into the market with full vigor in an effort to collect more meaningless fiat.

NOTE: I will be updating my Quant inside Stocklabs today. Here is the YTD performance of this once per month updated portfolio.

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Traded Poorly Because I Thought I Was Going to Make Eeeet

An all around stupid day for me, churned myself until it burned. The notion of success ran rampant in my mind all day and I really really wanted to make it. By make it, I mean turn a 120bps opening deficit into a gain. I got close, then walked the dogs, and then fucked myself — finished off by 169bps.

All around, a TERRIFIC day for stocks, due to the resurgence of risk. Lots of bullshit popped today, like NEGG, DIBS and a wide array of gene editing stocks. I got raped horribly in a GRPH trade today, booking a 7% loss only to later see it soar by 20%.

Why do I mention these things and what value can it bring you?

I finished the month +7.6%, a great return by any standard. There are people out there who only highlight the good and never talk about the bad. Especially for new traders, this is demoralizing — because life is dynamic and volatile and filled with depressions that make us doubt our path.

I can tell you this, being up more than 200% doesn’t feeeeel good because I want more. Today’s loss supersedes all previous successes and now I can only fixate on how best to start off July tomorrow.

I closed the session fully invested, mostly in inane stocks. I cannot and will not take the morning off again, as that is often the very worst thing to do when holding time bombs overnight.

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I decided to take the morning off — following a long night of cleaning and toil. I rolled back into the fires of Wall Street less rich than the previous day, all thanks to my neglecting my duties and not selling at the open. See, many of own normal stocks with normal price patterns. I, on the other hand, only hold runners. I hold the best runners and they run very fast in either direction. When I am on top of my game, these runners make me a lot of money. When I slumber and fall back into comfort, I am punished and losses become severe. This is why I must always work, especially during work hours, in order to best trade.

I had losses of 125bps, but have since cut that in half thanks ti some smart trading. There are so many stocks popping off right now I am angered by having to blog this now — a post that will drift away into an anonymous cemetery of WordPress, never to be read again, rarely visited upon — mostly all for nothing.

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I executed a pastiche of trades today, mostly all good and fine. I had a leisurely day and made 4% in what will be described as a break out day — in celebration of Mom Fly departing. The stock Gods have obscene humor and prey on my emotions with bouts of punishment and reward doled out in intermittent episodes of chaos.

I can tell you now — markets do not need to trade up in order for me to make money. When I get into these streaks quite literally nothing can stop me and I intend to press my luck during tomorrow’s session, all live of course in Stocklabs, for the plebs to see and perhaps benefit by — watching, gawking even, at a living legend partake in a symphonious display of market mastery.

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Trading Like an Extreme Gentleman of the First Order

Good day

I bring news of happy tidings and grandiose eloquent returns. I am presently up 2.5% and you’re interested in this — because my happiness and certitude is paramount in your lives, especially since I am the main character in the simulation and you live and breathe to perform menial tasks in this game called life. I am now 95% cash, long only TZA, and feeling rather smug about my position — as markets struggled to find any semblance of momentum.

Now that I am out and short, it’s perfectly fine for markets to collapse — mostly because it would benefit me. As you see, my own happiness and sense of accomplishment is what’s important here.

I am sure there are other things happening today, but none of these things happened to occur to me, as I’ve been rather entombed in my own dealings, quite pleased with myself, rather elated.

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My Gambit Worked

I stepped into today a man of extreme risk, pomp, and certitude. I have since harvested my crops and stand before you a victorious man, up by 200bps for the session. If I had boasted to you about being up 2% several months ago, why, I might’ve slapped myself in the face for the offense. But nowadays +2% is a true achievement. In a land barren of good soil and crops, to have grown and eaten a head of corn or a plump tomato is in fact a delicacy and something to be celebrated.

I of course have gone to cash, save a giant position in CLOV and a TZA hedge, presently cowering in order to “lock in” and “preserve” my gains for the sake of the Calendar Gods. I must, as you know, produce grandiose gains on a monthly basis in order to achieve something in line with collecting more US currency, just for the sake of the avocation.

I don’t have a strong opinion of the market, other than to inform you that it is tradeable and yes we are banking coin again in Stocklabs. People seem to be enjoying themselves. The banter is continuous and customer success is on the move with many educational emails. For the balance of the day, I will walk the dogs, deliver Mom to the airport for departure, go to the gym and attempt to rip a muscle, and then eat a good meal, continue reading Middlemarch, and then go to bed.

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