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Oh My…

What an ugly time growing up in America — divisiveness at every corner. I joke around a lot and cast aspersions on just about anything that isn’t central to my interests. Pardon me as I ignore everything you stand for. I’ve found equanimity in not giving a fuck.

For example: an earlier version of Le Fly would’ve been OUTRAGED by the Portland folks ripping down the George Washington statue last night — draping its face with the American flag and then burning it.

Truthfully, I don’t give a shit about George Washington and certainly not his statue. If I feel that way, maybe it’s the failure of my government to instill some form of patriotism in me — or maybe I’m a lost cause. I care about the people around me, including you fuckers. I care about the god damned stock market — for I make my living trading it. Why should I care about a statue in a city I do not live inside of? That is the responsibility of Portland and government. If they cannot protect it, they’ll have one less statue.

What did those folks accomplish by ripping it down? Their lives still suck and they’re still living out of a tent with bunch of freaks, whilst I have a net worth much greater than anything they’ll ever dream of acquiring.

Why is that?

Because I care about things that work for me and my people and not about fucking statues and/or causes that do not affect me.

For all those fighting for a cause more than you’re own lives — good luck. Life is fleeting and without definition. I’d like to spend my time popping champagne corks into the faces of my friends, amongst billows of cigar smoke, and pomp, and circumstance.

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I had a good day and I need not explain how or why. I do not teach trading, but feed hungry people fish.


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My fucking site was down all morning and have been unable to properly boast about my exploits.

Here were my trades.

UONEK +53%
CARV +7.2%
AMS +14.6%
BYFC +55%

Do you know how I made money like that?

BY BEING A DECENT KIND HEARTED PERSON AND SUPPORTING BLACK EXCELLENCE. Everyone in Exodus made money. We’re all kind love hearting people in there, charitable and honorable. We fight the scourge of racism with our last dying breath. Some of us made 200%, 300% — who’s counting anymore?

I’m up so much this year, if I told you the number you’d think I was a liar.

I am now taking the proceeds of that BLM themed trade and sending the money back to the motherland. It’s going back to Africa.

While ze Germans have their clammy hands in JMIA, there is no better way for a non racist white person to show his/her appreciation for AFRICAN EXCELLENCE than thru JMIA.

As a point in fact, if you do not buy JMIA, you might be a racist.

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Yes, I am a virulent capitalist and I cannot help myself. When hurricanes hit, instead of worrying about people — I create watchlists of stocks for the purposes of profit. When the BLM movement started and riots broke out, I was buying glass manufactures to replace all of the shattered dreams. When the black pride thing hit the other day, at least at a fevered pitch, I bought a basket of black owned businesses.

It’s harder than it looked — not many out there.

I now stand before you a most profitable man, yet again. I do not say these things to trivialize the cause, as I know it’s life and death to many people. I tip my hat to black Americans who are just trying to raise their kids in a safe environ.

But I had to do it.

I sold my BLM themed stocks in the pre-market. I could’ve gotten a lot higher on BYFC — but I got what I got and I don’t complain.

UONEK +53%
CARV +7.2%
AMS +14.6%
BYFC +55%

See pal, you’ve got to be an extreme asshole, a virulent one, to be successful at this racket.

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I don’t know what the fuck is going on anymore. I just buy random shit, fleeting ideas, themes that are both illogical and scatter brained.

For example, today I bought stocks based solely on the color of its skin. Gone with the white banks and in with the BLACK ONES. I bought some CARV — nearly giving myself a heart attack in the process of watching it. And of course I bought URBAN ONE radio — UONEK, amongst others. It’s all very confusing — but the bottom is me with a portfolio of 100% crap, hedged only by cash, which isn’t a hedge at all, balls deep into nonsense heading into a head cutting factory.

I dare the stock gods to fuck with me. I’ll BOLAWRAP YOUR FUCKING FACE TO A HOT IRON.

Into the bell, I bought a fucking face mask play, based off Californian FACE MASK mandate, which is comical given the situation in CHAZ. I reiterate my advice to you at the next highway toll. GET OUT OF THE CAR AND SPRAY PAINT THE CAMERAS AND BREAK THE FUCKING POLE OFF AND CRASH THRU THE DAMN THING. Who can stop you?

It’s all relative isn’t it? Mental illness sweeping the globe like this shit was normal. Just today, two morons escaped RIKERS ISLAND and swam for Laguardia airport. No big deal, again.

I honorably bow out now and offer you no advice other than to ignore anyone who thinks they know what’s going on.

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Rest your retarded politics aside. Half of you want no police and the other half want police to kill people at will. Let’s all agree that killing anyone is bad, unless they truly deserve it. In many cases, police act out of fear — and things escalate and people get hurt. It’s real easy to judge another from the comforts of a computer. I would not want to be placed in danger each and every day and I owe the police my gratitude for their work. Although, and I’ve touched on this many times before, THE FUCK OUT OF HERE with their insane pension plan and salaries.

Nevertheless, TASERS AND WRAP TECHNOLOGIES will be something all law enforcement agencies should invest into — less fucking tanks and machine guns.

Look at the BOLAWRAP gun. This is some Batman tier shit.

I am long, ticker is WRTC. Sales are less than $1m per quarter and market cap is super small — so it’s a baby. Be careful if you choose to buy it.

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Markets look pretty good, all things considered. They do not collapse and do not profit take, so we can only assume they want higher. Admittedly, I’ve been distracted the past two weeks and I’ve placed trading on the back burner the past few days. I am not an octopus. I

I am still long two BLM stocks, based solely on the fact that both businesses are owned by black people. It’s important to me that I support this movement in this way, in order to end financial oppression. I was up 50% on both, but now I am down and that can only mean one thing: RACISTS ARE ON THE FUCKING MOVE AGAIN.

Do not worry, this won’t get too uncomfortable. I’m just a guy trying to make a few shekels in the market using tragedy as my disguise for profit. No big deal.

So what type of person sells a black owned business? A god damned racist, that’s who. I’ll likely average down today, in order to position myself for financial success. Or not. Truth is, I haven’t even looked at the market yet and I am sure there are some delicious fish out there to be eaten.

Off to fish.

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A Most Unusual Day

I just got back from a long day of chores, which ended with another large bill at my local Benz dealership. Total charges over the past 9 months has been $20k. No big deal.

It’s not a big deal because I am banking fucking coin. Plus my income is high as fuck and no one has the power to cancel me. I do not rely on ads — because fuck ads, and “The Fly” is in a constant state of offensive operations to find, capture, and execute his enemies.

While on the road, I traded into some BLACK LIVES MATTERS stocks — specifically AMS and BYFC (Bring your fucking cash) — because plebs on Twitter and Robinhood got the feels and they want to jimmy-rig themselves into black owned businesses, without a notion of valuation or sanity. Today CARV, a fucking bank, shot higher by 700% — because it’s a black bank. I’ve seen dumber reasons to seize upon a stock — such as buying bankrupt plays because billionaires sold them.

Dare I say, if you sell short AMS or BYFC — you are in fact a fucking racist. Moreover, if you do not buy them — you are complicit with not ending financial oppression. I’d like you to tell all of you friends and Family these notes of interest and also CC the @SEC — because what the fuck can they do about it?

Finally, I have a pastiche of INVERSE ETFs for the eventual dive lower and lower and lower and lower.

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A New Theme Approaches

I am out of pocket all day today, so hopefully things don’t get too crazy without me. I see futures are +200 and I am net short, with 75% cash, so whatever. I am excited about a new trend in stocks surrounded around the BLM movement. Basically, people are buying stocks of businesses owned by black people. It’s the most racist shit since the Klan. Nevertheless, this is your stupid fucking country, so BEHOLD as UONEK lifts another 115% this morning because ponzi schemes are fun and easy to do.

Plus all of the Robinhood retards are into it.

I have a few favorites — but those will be reserved for CLOSERS ONLY inside Exodus. So sorry, you cheap son of a bitch. You see I do not run ads anymore — yes? Ad free iBC — a site for the people by the people.

Bottom line: I hope to dear God we collapse, this way I can boast and brag and then boast some more. But really it’s about paying the piper — and I feel Americans need to feel every bit of this fuckery in their 401k’s. Or not, either way is acceptable to me.

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This +500 was a bit too much for me. The perverse nature of this melt up has gone above and beyond hedonistic tendencies. We are now trading at valuations that are of course nonsensical, led higher by pretentious people with LOW IQ assumptions.

Nevertheless, why should I care?

Next time you approach a toll booth on the highway, park the car and break the fucking wooden stick off. No need to pay tolls, taxes, or anything. As far as I can see it, the central govt no longer holds power. It has been transferred to blue haired trolls on the internet and THINK TANKS funded by people with axes to grind. The police are now of course EVIL so they should be disbanded and replaced with good minded volunteers.

Your taxes will drop to zero, then change will come, and then your taxes will rise to 90%. The market is running hot because the kitchen sink is now invested in it. We are all enjoying the final salvo in what was a glorious run. But now it’s over and you should probably update your passports and get ready to depart, before a second wave of COVID-19 keeps you all inside indefinitely.

This was my day

AMC +1%
IVR +2.4%
LK -wash
MTG +3.8%
SOLO +10.3%
X +13.2%
ZUO +1.8%
ROKU +2.1%


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The market is up 700 because retail sales were up 17%, after dropping 100% the previous quarter. Also, we have found a CURE for COVID-19, DEXAMETHASONE — a steroid that costs $60. HYDROXYFAGS BTFO. It was all so serious, but now it’s cured — but please do not take your fucking masks off.

In NYC, they warned folks from the Hamptons about social distancing. Apparently, the same rules do not apply to the 20,000 people who rallied for BLACK TRANS folks. I do believe the entire population of BLACK TRANS people in America is less than 5,000.

We have various sets of rules for various groups of people. We are, more or less, all equal — more or less. There are some PUNITIVE actions against some amongst us — such as saying insensitive things. If you say something hurtful, you will be killed. By killed, I merely mean life ruined, FIRED from job, all future jobs CANCELED, forced to live a life as a hobo working odd jobs near the railroad. If you’re not up to speed yet, this is America — the final stage of the empire in decline — taken down by BARBARIAN HORDES.

I cleared out my account today, took bountiful profits, and now have two longs and several shorts.

BTW: I get a lot of emails about Exodus and if it’s worth $60 per month. Well, like DEXAMETHASONE, it will save your life — so yes. Very worth it, believe me.

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