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Today (-700) truly has zero effect one me, in spite walking into today a man without shorts. I’ve always known this as a boy, seeing the men around me — but only truly grasped the importance of it after 32 years of age.

GENTLEMEN DO NOT WEAR SHORTS, ever. Sure, you can wear them at the beach, gym, or maybe even an AMUSEMENT PARK. But, on the whole, a man should never wear them. And this advice goes out to you crazy trans kids too. If once a girl and used to wearing skirts, you cannot do that shit now as a man. If you want to be taken seriously, as a Nu-male, you simply cannot don shorts. They’re for children.

I closed out the session bullish, but heavily leaning towards VACCINE stocks and other COVID-19 plays. I have some banks and casinos and other shit too, but on the whole COVID-19. Wear your fucking mask and have a nice day.

Yes, we are going higher tomorrow. Maybe not at first and maybe not in the way you think. But once we get going, we’re all the way north — nothing stopping us.


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Who Are We Kidding Here? Stocks Only Trade Up

I get it, down 750 and you really really want some excitement. COVID-19 has you halfway insane and the quarantine is getting on your last fucking nerves. But let’s not play games here. The market is the last thing in the world that will soil itself. Market drops are designed to be sopped up by thirsty fuck-heads.

Thus far, I’ve had a mixed day. It started off with me booking losses and then I doubled up on my COVID-19 stocks and sold out of them a champion.

(MNK -2.4%)
(SIG -5%)
(NNDM -1.3%)
(JMIA -2.4%) x2
(GNUS -8.3%)
(PLAY -6.3%)


AHPI +15.9% x2
NNVC +8% x2

Nothing can stop me, not even the appearance of a sharp drop. I’ve determined this dip should be bought now, better sooner than later. Should market CRASH thru the fucking floorboards, you have no recourse — since the courts are closed and the SEC is busy watching porn online. I am untouchable and you can fuck off.

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Well, I wanted drama. We have it today. Stocks are getting pummeled, even drawing down on my virus related stocks, which I thought would be immune to the pangs of SECOND WAVE FEARS. The day is still young and anything could happen, but it would make sense to get some sort of broken elevator action in market to blend wonderfully with all of the chaos and the mayhem.

The VIX has been depressed. Maybe it’s time to wake her up.

I will like vaccine and COVID-19 related plays, but might grow wearisome of them in a big way, should they keep going lower. I am also looking at treasuries and gold to hedge.

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It’s All So Tiring

Another day, another +150 on the Dow. I ended up sharp and strong. I only closed out two trades today.

INO +16.5%
SAGE +5.9%

Minor pedestrian moves. I am officially bored of the market, since the trend is monotonous and without verve. The moribund nature of COVID-19/BLM RIOT life in America is also something less than desirable. I cannot just pick up and leave, due to flight restrictions. I am, more or less, trapped here and there are other factors that, at times, make it all so tiring.

Truthfully, without trading and the banter, I don’t know what I’d do with my time.

You should prevent yourselves from blowing up by adhering to position sizes. Just a thought that comes to mind, given how important I believe the avocation of trading is for my mental health. It’s not even about the money — but the conquest.

I’d bet my testicles we gap up at the open. I eagerly wait for more happenings and something extraordinary to break us from this blandness.

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Now that the riots have subsided to only targeting cultural sites in America, it’s time to remind the plebs to place their Joe Biden COVID-19 masks directly onto their fucking faces. You should all know, CASES ARE SPIKING all across America — especially Florida — most likely due to all of those asshole New Yorkers driving down to bathe at the beach.

If you don’t put on your masks, you’ll die. So scary.

Comply or be placed under arrest. If you choose to burn down a library, you will be released without charges. Understand?

The plays here are simple: APT, LAKE, NBY or AHPI.

I prefer AHPI, because it’s thinly traded and easily jimmy-rigged higher. With the courts closed and the SEC focused on porn, there is nothing out there to stop us.

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Lots of shit going on here today. Last night Peter Navarro said the Chin trade deal was ‘over’ and futures immediately dropped 400. He later said “just kidding” and here we are — up more than 200. The whole thing seems and feels like a charade — but the money is quite real.

In light of all this social change, I felt emboldened to DOUBLE UP on my Africa play — JMIA. I know, this is a company colonized by greedy Germans for the express purpose of exploiting Africa. But if you think about it, this business model works for everyone. The Africans get packages sent to their homes and the Germans get to be Germans — controlling stuff and creating order out of chaos.

The company is, more or less, a piece of shit — so trade with caution.

Gold is spiking again. But I sold out of my NUGT yesterday. I might revisit towards the end of today, but not now. I do have a few irons in the fire; but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel uneasy about chasing this market higher.

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Just a month or so ago — the world was ending and markets CAREENING lower and oil was worth nothing. The powers that be told us to stay home and wear a mask to alleviate the burdens at your local hospital. In the meantime, the Federal Reserve began churning out new money at a record pace, to replace the money that was destroyed by actual loss of business.

The Fed’s balance sheet now exceeds $7 trillion.

Of course this is bad news for the future of America. But given the current climes, I doubt America will be a country by the time this should matter. The kitchen sink is in the market now — everything, all chips, on the table. We’re up another 100 NASDAQS today, above 10,000. As incredible as that seems, we’re likely to trade higher. As a point in fact, I’d venture we might gap up another 100 tomorrow.

My closed trades for today, so far.

(LACQW -40%)
(SAMAW -19%)
(TLRY -5.5%)
(CLDR -6.8%)
CGC +0.5%
KC +12.7%
DT +1.7%
BILL +2.4%
VRM +4.2%
(BOXL -12.5%)
NUGT +7.7%
NBY +3.1%
GNMK +11.5%
VNET +17%

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I’m out of the office today and busy. Find solace in seeing gold break higher today and Le Fly banking extreme coin in NUGT.

You talk a lot of shit in the comments, discussing opinions that are scatter brained and incredibly stupid. Meanwhile, NUGT is up 10% and everyone is clamoring to get in now, ahead of the overall market calamity to come.

Presently, 8% of ALL MORTGAGES are delinquent.

As you were.

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The Way this Ends is in a River of Blood and Tears

The most derided and mocked industry in the history of Wall Street is the gold sector. I’ve often discussed this and chided those who equated bulls to be insects, incorrectly comparing the returns of a defacto currency to the SPY. The fact of the matter is, since 2000, when this shit all started, gold is up nearly 10 fold. What has your fucking dollars done lately?

Also, with profligate spending coupled with societal collapse and violence, one can only assume, given the trajectory of things, ALL CURRENCIES WILL COLLAPSE, starting with the US dollar. We deserve it. After all, George “The Racist” Washington is on the face of the $1 bill.

In a revolutionary scenerio and political change, you should expect your savings to be decimated by a collapse in the dollar. At first slow, and then right away. You’d be wise to start diverting assets away from dollar denominated assets and into cryptos and gold now.

Worst case scenario, you have a liquid asset that holds its value. Best case scenario, you get to vampire your neighbors and buy everything at yard sale prices, post collapse.

Here’s a chart of gold. If you say MuH “SPY DONE DID BETTER” — I will hammer your fucking face until nothing is left.

Also, go fuck yourself.

Long NUGT.

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Oh My…

What an ugly time growing up in America — divisiveness at every corner. I joke around a lot and cast aspersions on just about anything that isn’t central to my interests. Pardon me as I ignore everything you stand for. I’ve found equanimity in not giving a fuck.

For example: an earlier version of Le Fly would’ve been OUTRAGED by the Portland folks ripping down the George Washington statue last night — draping its face with the American flag and then burning it.

Truthfully, I don’t give a shit about George Washington and certainly not his statue. If I feel that way, maybe it’s the failure of my government to instill some form of patriotism in me — or maybe I’m a lost cause. I care about the people around me, including you fuckers. I care about the god damned stock market — for I make my living trading it. Why should I care about a statue in a city I do not live inside of? That is the responsibility of Portland and government. If they cannot protect it, they’ll have one less statue.

What did those folks accomplish by ripping it down? Their lives still suck and they’re still living out of a tent with bunch of freaks, whilst I have a net worth much greater than anything they’ll ever dream of acquiring.

Why is that?

Because I care about things that work for me and my people and not about fucking statues and/or causes that do not affect me.

For all those fighting for a cause more than you’re own lives — good luck. Life is fleeting and without definition. I’d like to spend my time popping champagne corks into the faces of my friends, amongst billows of cigar smoke, and pomp, and circumstance.

NOTE: We’ve removed ads from the site — because fuck ads. If you want to support the site, aside from becoming an Exodus member, you can buy our merch. Special coupon code for this weekend is I LOVE COPS — 10% off your purchase. And of course the two books I wrote in a fever dream several years ago.

I had a good day and I need not explain how or why. I do not teach trading, but feed hungry people fish.


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