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Dealing with Squandered Opportunity

The worst feeling in the world is the sense of regret or missing out on something that was built for you to be divine. I can recall innumerable instances when I looked back upon a moment and said to myself “I should’ve done this.” Alas, these moments in our lives repeat themselves over and over until we’re good and dead.

Some people learn faster than others. There are some 20 year olds out there who are wiser than 50 year olds, due to good breeding. And of course there are the majority of people at or below the IQ bell curve who just react to stimuli and have no bearing of right from wrong, just pain and pleasure.

For me, I underwent a micro-event trading BYFC. At around 7:50am I saw that Netflix was going to deposit $100m into black owned banks and felt I had a clear advantage over my peers who didn’t know the only two publicly traded black banks: CARV and BYFC. I got filled at $2, announced it in Exodus, and soon the stock raced past $3.30, placing my unrealized gain at 65%.

But because it happened so fast and all of the FUCKERS in Exodus were taking profits and jerking off to their gains, I felt I knew more again and would resist the temptation to book the obvious sale.

WRONG, fucked for face.

I just sold out for a 12% gain, after watching it all day, paralyzed by the deadness of the stock — waiting for my feeeeeeeelings to be assuaged.

I sold because the move was dead and also because it literally paralyzed me. If you’re stuck watching one stock all day long, it’s either too big a position or too risky a stock, so sell it.

This is the primary reason why I’m so keen on overnight trades. You get in after 3pm and sell the next morning.

There will be other BYFC’s and perhaps the next time I will sell when I am supposed to sell. No promises!

My booked trades for the day, thus far.

IDEX +13.8%
(SOXS -9.7%)
JNUG +8.4%
OPK +12.7%
(AHT -7.2%)
RPAI +8%
(BCRX -2.7%)
BYFC +12%

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Black Owned Banks Soar After Netflix Commits $100 Million Deposit

Last week Reed Hastings, CEO and Founder of Netflix, committed $120m to black colleges. Today he has earmarked 2% of NFLX’s $5b cash, or $100m, to be deposited into black owned banks. Naturally, any rational person hearing this might think “what the fuck is going on here” and maybe there is something to that certain degree of skepticism. But the idea here is to liquify black owned banks who cater to black owned businesses in order to supply cash for growth.

Whether those loans turn out to be well performing is another question.

In the first step in allocating that money, $25 million will be moved to a new fund called the Black Economic Development Initiative, investing in “Black financial institutions serving low and moderate-income communities and Black community development corporations in the U.S.,” the company said.

In Tuesday’s blog post, Mitchell and Alwyn said, “19% percent of Black families have either negative wealth or no assets at all, compared to only 9% of White households, according to the U.S. Federal Reserve. … Black banks have existed to fight this for generations, spurring economic growth by extending credit in often underbanked communities. But they’re disadvantaged in their access to capital, especially from large multinational companies, when compared to other banks.”

All are equal, but some are more equal than others. Perhaps Netflix can reexamine all wealth distribution in America and attempt to remedy the dislocations by depositing large chunks of their cash into those community banks. I understand the native people of America are some of the most financially repressed, as well as the latinos.

We look forward to seeing NFLX’s cash diversified across a wide spectrum of colors and away from the traditional big box banks that have proven to be stable and reliable over the centuries.

Shares of CARV and BYFC are soaring on this news. I am long BYFC.

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I was busy all day and barely had a chance to sit down. I will likely be busy again, attending to personal matters that are none of your concern. While I do have one inverse ETF, I’m all the way long with maybe 45% cash. I’m not at the desk now and do not care to look now.

Nothing is important and nothing really matters. No need to pay taxes anymore — abide by laws, or even pay tolls. Stop at the toll, get out, and the snap that fucking poll in half and rampage your car thru the booth. No one will stop you. If you should come across a work of art that annoys you, DESTROY IT. Burn your American flags for the 4th of July and accused anyone with an American flag of being a NAZI — because, as you know, the American flag is synonymous with the NAZI flag.

We’re living thru dumb times, but you cannot teach things to dumb people. You must hit them hard and make sure they feel it. If someone KOOL-AIDS thru your front door, consider yourself dead — but first take the longest knife in your drawer and stab one of them thru the eye. Do not ever beg for mercy and never kneel. You can only die once in this SHIT-HOLE called America.

It was a nice country, up until the point our government thought it best to divide us and distract us and saddle us with wars and other fucking bullshit. No everyone hates the country, both for different reasons. The only thing keeping it all together, ironically, is our hatred for one another.

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Rumors of the markets demise were wildly exaggerated this morning. My sole inverse ETF has gotten clobbered since then. But no worries, for “The Fly” made contingency plans and bought some more stocks — reducing my cash position to 55%.

Today’s big winners are the big losers for the year — airlines, REITs and other industrial styled names. The trickery of the tape isn’t too severe. If you’re not highly autistic, you can certainly grasp a feel of it and make some coin.

I intend to by 5 more stocks by the end of the day, not because I like the market. I don’t. I actually hate it and the host country. But I am trying to lose money. I’ve been trying to lose money for several months now and can’t seem to do it. I buy the very worst stock, all up dramatically throughout the day, and I end up selling them in disappointment the following day for DOUBLE DIGIT returns.

God willing, I will have my comeuppance soon and really find a reason to start drinking again.

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Markets Stall and Dump Out at Open

I dumped out of my underperforming stocks this morning and bought an inverse ETF to hedge what I have left — because this open is ugly. The foundation is ok, with commodities strong and bond yields steady — but I always have a hankering to sell short this market because deep down I hate it and want it to die.

There is no hiding from the fact that I hate this market and want it dead. All of my upside plays are mere place-holders for an eventual position betting on end of days. I am 70% cash now and not eager to take on any sized position here — because who knows what the fuck happens? Really, you’ve got to be nuts playing the intra-day rips and dips in a market that is explicitly rigged.

The Dow is +144 and the Nasdaq is -88. Go figure.

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Almost 10,000 Floridians got fucked today with COVID-19, most likely due to vacationing New Yorkers. All over the country, we are seeing states that did not get hit before — get hit now. Everyone got hit and it has nothing to do with wearing a mask. Those stupid flimsy fucking things DO NOT prevent COVID-19 and the way most of you re-use your Joe Biden cloth masks, you’re probably giving yourselves COVID-19.

From an investment standpoint, this will be a sublime period to catch a downward spiral and also bank coin in CORONAVIRUS related plays — companies who test and attempt to create poisonous vaccines.

Domestically, the country is a complete hell-hole. Everyone hates one another and the BLM movement marches on ripping statues and people down — firing Roman candles into the faces of those in the way. Social media accounts are being keenly followed by paid terrorizers and it’s now socially acceptable to refer to WHITE women as “Karens” — because pandering is without limitations and racism is ok, as long as it weaponizes a certain subset of ideologies for purposes of control.

Eventually, Le Fly bids this shit-hole country farewell, without looking back or need to tour the grand fucking canyon one last time. Abe Lincoln and George Washington were bastards.

Short America.

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I opened the session booking a 52% gain in VXRT, an overnight hold. I ended the session booking a 33% gain in CBLI, a day trade. The market dropped by 700, but I am not concerned. I am 55% cash, up a tonne for 2020, and have never traded better.

I can only suggest NO BOOZE, LIMITED CARBS, LIMITED SLEEP, and an obsession with trading fast and furious to help with your gains. Always be selling and never believe the bullshit.

I went long gold into the final hour too, and have a portfolio filled with COVID-19 plays — because I think the news gets worse before it gets better. Ergo, the trade into the black box of pandemic cures is upon you — the 5am heart attack pops and drops is just around the bend.

Since it’s Friday, I’ll shill for myself. Who the fuck else will?

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I just closed some trades out, IBIO being the standout. It’s a Friday and I’ve had a long several weeks. Enjoy my victory music below.

NNVC +12%
IBIO +52%
UPWK +6.8%
FAS +0.65%
AEMD -9.8%

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Shut Up and Eat Fish

Another fine day, another skull fucking ramp into le close. Does it get any easier than this? If it does, please let me know how.

Stock are now nearing +300. You only had to listen. Stop trying to become a trader. Let the professionals handle this shit. You sit over there with your beer and your appetite and shut the fuck up.

I am sure you’ve made a little coin for yourself this year. What are you up, 10%?

Well suck on my nuts, for I am up more than 230%.

See pal, there are two types of people in this world, those up more than 200%, and others fucked heavy in VANGUARD ETFs thinking they’re the shit. Well, you’re not the shit — but you are shit. It’s a NY thing.

I’m trading light, overnight race rippers, casually accumulating money and an esteemed net worth.


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Do you know markets are rising with RECORD COVID-19 cases happening now? Because NYC and other major cities already passed the peak. The shit-tiered cities are now getting absorbed into the matrix and will soon be placing masks on everyone. We’ve also learned that nothing stops stocks from jimmying higher. The Fed has trillions at their disposal. The treasury wants to send us vacation money. Ergo, in the final days of America’s death throes, she threw it all away and into the sewer. Down went her pride, dignity, money, and finally her people.

You’d be wise to establish BITCOIN accounts and place some of your dollars into cryptos and gold over the next two years. I fear, within our lifetime, the dollar will be worthless.

I’m content with my positions and will be adding to my account by 3pm. Trades, as always, will be done in Exodus live.

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