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Never again. I don’t give a shit about rigged elections or Chinese shenanigans, or even Hunter Biden’s cock. I am only interested in what we are doing in the market, something tangible to me, something that actually makes a difference.

I was out all day so I’m playing catch up now. I was fortunate to have a 40% runner in ORTX and I took that gain and sold everything else with it. I am not repositioning into Biden plays, 65% cash.

Big melt up in lithium, EV, solar and anything renewable. I am of course bullish and will continue to trade the market that is in front of me, not the one I want.

Up 180bps so far for the session.

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I was doing great — killing every single trade. And then fucked for face “Citizen Squared” inside Exodus decided to post “CRASH THE CLOSE” with markets at the top. This is not the first time or first day he has afflicted the market with his cancerous Greek jinxes. The subsequent events after that is nothing short of a horror story for me, as I dwindled and shrinked and pined for respite — cataclysm into the close — surrendering 200bps from the top for a meager gain of 1%.

I jerked off with 61 trades and spent a lot of time to vastly underperform my Quant (+1.7%) and LT portfolio (+2.2%) and now I am 22% cash, scared of every tick that I see.

I expect sharp downside for specifically me tomorrow. Moreover, and this goes without saying, I am going to kill Citizen Squared at my earliest convenience.

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About to Go All In Again

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come to do away with half measures and limp dicks. I speak of BIG gains and yet here I am with 40% cash. A man in my position can never afford to sit idle whilst the plebs run about naked enjoying the pastoral views. After 2pm, Le Fly, as he’s popularly known in France, will embark on a journey to invest all of his remaining cash. For the day, I am +1.4%, reversing an early 1% spike to the head. I did so via intelligence and wonderful trading. I also ate a great quiche Lorraine and have consumed 4 cups of coffee, one of which was a latte. I have also walked the fucking dogs, tended to the babies inside of Exodus, and done all of my duties running my business. There is literally nothing stopping me from diving headlong into the sea of rabble rousers in search of fresh fish. I will do so at once.

On a separate note, it’s important that I give credit where credit is due. Exodus member who goes by the name of @BUBBA, aka The Pony Tail guy from Good Will Hunting, has made a wondrous call in the Pelican Room and has requested notoriety from the unwashed reader class on this blog. While your knee-jerk reaction might be to roll your eyes or curse him out, I humbly request that instead of being mean and obtuse, you instead offer him rewards via kind words of congratulations!

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Major Pop in Crude — I Don’t Trust It

One of my thesis plays is inflation. Under a weak dollar and higher inflation oil does well, very well indeed. This is lining up similar to 2007, housing bubble edition, when oil cremated shorts and went above $125 and walked around naked with its long dick. I must tell you, I’m not a fan of crude and EV at the same time. It seems stupid to me. Nevertheless, I trade GUSH today for 4%.

I traded my out from a 100bps hole and now have gains of 75bps. I can literally make coin at will. This is not the point of the blog. The point I am trying to make is oil is the devil. I don’t trust it and I don’t like the men who drill for it.

If you really wanted to play inflation, well then, look towards miners and Ag. Might I interest you in a little potash, good Sir. I have a position in MOS and it looks cheap.

Presently, the market is easy to trade. My coffee is hot and the quiche Lorraine is almost done in the oven, so I need to fuck off now.

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I was up nearly 5% for the day, trading to and fro — making all sort of coin in the very first day of trade. I understand this type of dialogue is redundant for readers of this fucking site — but I don’t give a shit. What I do care about is accolades, plenty of it. I endeavor to not only make coin — but also get credit from leery eyed strangers on the internets. While my wife is keen on making sure my ego is checked and surpassed at House Fly, all of that nonsense runs away down the drain when I am here. Ergo, and this goes without saying, apply accolades at your earliest discretion.

My only conviction hold into tomorrow is gold. I am hoping cryptos pull in — because idiot money is chasing now. And I am not too sure about the overall market. My hopes and dreams are constantly dashed against the rocks of prosperity, so I will not bore you any more with tales of tumult and market calamity.

In the interim, psychopaths run the govt and the pandemic is worse than ever. People are getting blown the fuck out of their careers and the dichotomy between those with and without coin has never been at a wider chasm than now. Although empathetic, I simply don’t give a fuck and can only help those who can help themselves. This is a hard world and it’s filled with a bunch of John Podestas. I have no patience to coddle or to offer my sympathies, only ideas that can possibly/maybe make your pathetic lives a little better.

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I booked the JNUG trade for +14.5%. Before that I booked 3 day trades for gains ranging from 5-11%. The details of my winship are somewhat moot at this point. As you fight and claw to stay in the black, Le Fly stands before you long cocked, +350bps. I know, go fuck myself — but you first.

Markets are knifing lower and I truly hope we can see the flames grow from embers and the entire cast of Fintwit clowns lit aflame. Sadly I do not think we’re at that part of the story yet. Feel free to buy dips, act yourselves and pretend to be intelligent. Le Fly will simply draw out the time with conversation and high quality espresso beverages — knowing full well that when the times comes — there isn’t a soul on this planet more mentally prepared to dive into the pits of fire with fire retardant gear, prepared to “do battle.”

I purchased the new Quant for Jan and I am more or less fully long, save for the 50% cash reserves I have right now.

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I stepped into 2021 already a Champion amongst Champions. Having larger than dicked gains for 2020, I knew it’d be hard to match such a display of grandiosity. However tall that order might be, I endeavor to pour myself a large glass of winship and drink it up every single day of 2020. I will not lose, not even on a single day, as I weave and bob through the tumults of crony capitalism.

Today I was mostly cash into the session — but heavily positioned into gold and crypto derivative plays. I sold EQOS for +12% and CAN for +15.5%. I am still holding my gold — for reasons you can find here.

Yes indeud — fuck that dollar and euros too. We will make a new world built around SHITCOINS and fucking dog based currencies.

I am about to head back into the forest to hunt for some fish. I see the NASDAQ is -192 and the lot of you are 100% fucked. I, on the other hand, am +300bps. See pal, that’s the type of person that I am — blasting Phillip Glass in the home study — banking coin, much to Mrs. Fly’s deepest chagrin.

I am about to format the Quant for Jan. It was liquidated this morning and did quite well for December, +11%. Presently, I only hope and dream for the market to fuck itself. But if it doesn’t gold is the only trades worth looking at now.

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When I posted in Feb of last year my intention to buy ETH every single month like paying a bill, I suspected ETH would soar the coming year. Aside from what it represents, which is a parallel monetary system, I never viewed it as an investment — but instead currency diversification. I made up my mind to buy for 36mos, keeping the same dollar allocation the whole time, every month, without trying to market time. While it’s true, had I gone all in at $230 instead of staggering my buys over the year, I’d be up more now. But this made me feeeeeeel better — because cryptos are new to me and I really only specialize in equities.

It all started when I was a boy…

Oh fuck off. This isn’t an origin story on how I did it. The fucking planet is a mess and BTC-ETH is pure populism. Just buy it and get back to me in two years.

I will not sell a single ETH coin for the next 25mos. I will only buy. If it drops 50% I will be pleased. Ultimately, this is a very new experiment in finance and the upside is tremendous. I’m not a crypto guru, just a person who knows trends and how to spot something big early. I think ETH trades to record highs above $1500 in 2021, and within 2 yrs $3,000. Anything more would surprise me.

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Goodbye 2020

If you’re interested in a drinking based movie, I suggest watching Another Round. I saw it last night and enjoyed it. I’ll be trading light today, as this is New Year’s eve and I have to make it to Times Square to pack tightly together with fellow citizens, in the cold, to watch an electric ball drop.

Just kidding, no one is allowed to do anything. Plus anyway, I’m here in NC where we watch a BBQ rib turn on the grill to usher in the New Year.

It was a hard year for everyone, but at least we made a fuckload of meaningless paper money, eh? Deaths in the family, depression running rampant, freedoms restricted, yet money wasn’t anything to worry about because stocks soared to record highs and cryptos exploded even higher.

No predictions for 2021. They’re always wrong. Within the next year I expect to change my mind a million times about the market. That’s my super hero power.

I’m closing out the year with gains I could only dream of before, even greater than what I did during the dot com era. My trading changed drastically thanks to the tools I created in Stocklabs, which will launch within weeks. I promise. I daytrade mostly now and I haven’t looked at a chart in months, not even once. There’s no need when trading algorithms.

But it was an extremely accommodative year and I’d be naive to believe I was unique in being able to trade well. All of the members of Exodus brought their A game in 2020. We fought thru the mud and guts, stared into the black abyss and then ate sandwiches and bought SPACs. It was a most retarded year.

Cheers and enjoy tonight’s festivities. I’ll see you in 2021.


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Boring Shit — Banked Again

I was supposed to lose coin — but I turned it around in about a dozen day trades — maybe more. I do not care anymore. Come inside Exodus and see for yourself. We cannot be stopped. I spit on the stock Gods. I can do this shit with my eyes closed. Best market ever.

(note: that is a graphic of trades I log into Stocklabs, mirroring my brokerage. Those trades are also given in RT inside Exodus. The accounting began on 9/1/20)

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