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April is a Wrap

Booked +10% for April, higher than March’s 6.66%, so I will take it. I was down last week and came back strong this week to close out the month. I can tell you without equivocation, the StockLabs tools I have created changed my trading for good. I have not looked at a chart in well over a year. I was alpha testing SL since early 2020. I solely rely upon volume tools and our intelligence algorithms for ideas. I rarely hold stocks more than a day anymore and couldn’t give a fuck about long term cap growth too. Those who cannot fish will tell you steak is better. I am here to tell you, following a +400% return in 2020 and +183% YTD — fuck off.

Market closed weak but I think we bounce next week.

NOTE: We have a delay in some coding and cannot invite beta trial sign ups until mid next week. Be on the lookout for an email from Stocklabs for your 5 day free trial.


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One Eye on the Prize, Another on COLLAPSE

Good news, it’s Friday and you can drink yourselves into Monday morning soon. The bad news is the market is lookin a little collapsy. TERA CAPS are getting fucking hammered, breadth stalled at just 18%. Basically, no large cap stocks are up today. We are being held up by PENNY STOCKS. That’s right, the indecorous booze-hounds over at Reddit are in complete control of the $60t equity markets.

Having said that, Le Fly is trading small today, scared to move, afraid to risk. I am down 90bps, 71% cash with a portfolio filled with nonsense. A little of this and a little of that — all made and built for intraday swings. Should I have an accident and fall asleep for the next week — my entire portfolio will likely fall to zero.

The one positive narrative being spun today is SHITCOINS. It appears “alt-season” is back and my fucking LITECOIN is on the move. I own a tremendous amount of LTC, in addition to ETH and a sundry of coins. If you asked me why I owned them — I’d offer you a better argument than 99% of the SHITCOIN HODLers out there — because I know more already than them.

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It didn’t take long before I found my mojo again.

Again, apologies to all of you unable to get inside SL. We have CLOSED membership to Exodus, which is now Stocklabs, as we transition to the new platform and fix various things that have attempted to sink us asunder. I speak to you now a hairy chested man, brute forced strength of a gorilla ape who has manifested his own destiny, to see his portfolio skyrocket in recent days to RECOURD HIGHS.

I lifted by 300bps today. Inside SL, hundreds marveled at the spectacle of my trades, but one of those bastards will attest to it here — because they all secretly and greedily want none of you to join, so that none of you might benefit. These are true bastards in every sense of the word. This blog, for example, gets 2-3 comments per day. A stranger walking in here must believe I to be a lunatic — coming back every day and writing to an audience of nobody. Meanwhile, inside Stocklabs over 2,000 comments and counting logged today, continuously, laughing at all of you for not being able to join SL.

DO NOT WORRY LADS. BETA INVITES, at the first thousand, will be sent next week.


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While most of you are being harried, harassed, and harangued by equities today — bogged down into the pits of hell thanks to the PURGE of bubble stocks in favor for defensive ones like KHC — I, in fact, am higher by 150bps. I accomplished this by selling in the morning, intra day wins in PIXY (+13%), GBOX (+5.3%), HOFV (+5.8%), SNMP (+6.8%), METX (+5.6%) etc. If you held any of those stocks for a period longer than 1 hr, you lost money.

See pal, that’s the type of market we’re in now. If you’re not a predator — you are prey. Are you sitting there watching your positions melt the fuck down, drip down the drain as the Jim Biden economy heaves over and fucks your net worth over in favor of only AAPL?


I’ve found comfort, equanimity even, thru day trading. As far as I am concerned, there is no better way to invest.

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Markets Fades Hard Because the Market is Sick and Woefully Bloated

You all thought today would be a grande day — didn’t you? You saw the FANG stocks lifting the NASDAQ futures and felt as if that meant your piece of shit stocks would partake. How do you feel now?

I was up nicely in the pre-market and when the market opened my gains dissipated quickly, so I sold everything. As a point in fact, I would propose you sell everything each and every morning before 10am. We have hourly tick data in Stocklabs that points to this being a real trend in 2021. Fade the open — buy back in after 1pm and repeat. Ideally, you sell in the pre-market.

I am presently up 40bps and 85% cash, waiting on one runner, bullish on oil pipelines. The internals of the market are sickening — 46% breadth, leadership in defensive areas — a full blown rout in SAAS (-3%) and all of the other bubble stocks are CAREENING lower by 3%.

This is what you are to do now.

Liquidate and wait. Liquidate and wait. Liquidate and wait.

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The Market Isn’t the Nasdaq

Do not be fooled by the indices, all red. Today was a solid day, 56% breadth. My Stocklabs index houses 4,000 stocks and she was up 42bps. I manifested a gain of 79bps amidst excellent trading. I closed the session at 50% cash, sitting 4% below record highs, +178% YTD.

Off to tennis.

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I’m an Oil Man Again

I have traded in and out of oil all day long — being a foremost expert in the field — having grown up on an oil derrick in the rougher, more obscure, areas of Brooklyn where public transportation was unavailable. I’d walk to school for miles thru the horse trails and endure the smell of horse shit at 7am — in the scorching and blistering summer climes, as the oil rigs pumped endlessly in an array of fuckery unseen since the turn of the century.

I am up 70bps now — because I am a MASTER ACE TRADER (MAT). I have bought and sold numerous items and crawled out from a 150bps deficit to make myself a winner. See pal — that’s who the fuck I am and you’re nothing.

I am taking it easy for the balance of the day, trading a little of this and a little of that — 65% cash.

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Digging Out From a Hole

I was greeted with misfortune this morning, as I sashayed into the office, aloof, with moron positions. First things first, I sold it all and then went to work on making it all back. I started out -150bps and have since TRIMMED said losses to just 40bps. I am 65% cash, with a strong eye for the tape and disposition to get the job done. I know when I am hot or not. I am most definitely on the upswing now.

In regards to Stocklabs — we are 90% sure we will begin inviting all of you who signed up for beta come Monday. I apologize for the delay and I do not like not accepting new customers. However, during the transition from Exodus to SL, we had many migration issues to deal with, most of which have been solved and we are almost ready to accept NEW MEMBERS into our ranks.

To properly be a member of Stocklabs, the following is required of you.

You must be at least 6’2, less than 13% body fat. Those rules apply to females as well. I suggest you wear high heels whilst in the service to feign a tall height.

Your PC must be new, 32gb and cost at least $2k.

You must have a minimum of 4 monitors. If you do not, we will find out and cancel your subscription.

STRICT DRESS CODE does apply even though it is an online service. If we find out you are not wearing a tuxedo, top hat, white gloves and a cane — we will cancel your subscription.

Lastly, please comport yourselves as gentlemen. This applies to females as well. We do not like riff-raff and I haven’t done a free trial in years. I am almost cringing at the idea of all the mountebanks of this site and Twitter loitering inside of our great halls — denigrating its holiness with their indecorous plebeian ways. Learn how to comport oneself, otherwise we will cancel your subscription.

Good day.

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Strong Amidst the Weak

My day was saved due to my habit of liquidating everything at the open. The difference, I didn’t ebb back into the market until later on. And when I did I expanded my gains to 305bps from 230bps, thanks to some quick 5-10% gains. I closed the session at 55% cash, +174% for the year.

Now, we are heading into the teeth of earnings season, at a time when the semiconductor shortage is at the peak. I wonder if the might hurt results? Be mindful that earnings season is gambling, unlike ordinary day trading which is all about getting lucky.

I am still bullish, but scarred from countless memories of markets CLAMORING to retest the lows. As we improve upon recent gains, please remember how you felt last week and protect your capital.

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Never Short a Dull Market

Very slow molasses dripping off the counter sort of day. After going 100% cash, I have been ebbing back into the fucking market. As the world embraces the vaccine and removes the mask from their grills, it would be nice to see people stop being sick and getting back to be filthy animals getting hit by cars instead.

“The Fly” steadfastly is against the vaccine, but would gladly take it all the same. I have no “real” preference, only that I would not like to be sick. On that point, I have not taken the vaccine under my microscope and haven’t been to chemistry class in decades. I do, however, peruse content on the interwebs by “self-made” scientists who’ve all but declared the devil himself has made the MRNA vaccine inside of his little hell shoppe.

As a person who is neither fat or old, I have no interest in taking the VAX and I also despise wearing the mask. I’d like to, in fact, not do any of it. Nevertheless, if you would tell me that I could not, for example, see a remake of Citizen Kane without getting the Vax — I’d take it.

I am presently 75% cash — +260bps for the session.

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