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Fly Buy: $NIO

The rally isn’t ova yet. Nothins ova.

I bought some NIO, based upon the likings of my crystal balls.

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Come Find Your Next Small Cap Runner Here

I just got done doing my nightly gandering of the markets and I’ve seen the future — and it is filled with shit. Get yourselves a nice portfolio brimming with shit and, believe me, you’ll thank me later.

Some of my shit stocks include, but not limited to, PLUG, HMY, SAND, SBGL, FTFT and much more. To that end, I’ve created a screen, using the proprietary algorithms in Exodus. You faggots might think it’s not important, but it is. Otherwise I wouldn’t be posting it now.

Here is page 1 of 10, sorted by technical strength. The scale is 1 to 5, 5 being Cialis hard and ready to go — 1 being flaccid and a poor excuse for a man.

Looking into that screen, which can be accessed here, I like the stocks with negative weekly Sharpes, indicative of small caps that are strong today, but weak recently. In other words, ready to go next. One of those stocks is ANY — but there are many more.

Naturally, you’re inclined to access this information for free — being poor or miserly, or both. Lucky for you, we accept free trials. On top of that, you’re also probably looking to both cut back on your expenses and also increase your returns in the stock market — a fool’s gambit which is destined to extricate you from your investments. Platforms like Exodus, hosted by Space Alien Magicians (SAMs) like me pay for themselves and are worth their weight in gold. Aside from the tools, we’re talking about community of serious and talented people commingling together for the expressed purposes of profit. But you think you’re better off gleaning some crumbs from me after the fact, or perhaps siphoning information from second hand traders on Twitter.

Silly fools. Rule number 1 when beginning an enterprise is investing in said enterprise in order to give yourself a chance to win — the best chance. Utilizing Le Fly could be, dare I say, the single best thing you’ll ever do in your very short and feeble lives.

Good night.

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Gold Busts Loose — Bigly Gains Dead Ahead

This is the move I’ve been waiting for — a fast paced spike accompanied by s decline in the dollar, accompanied by a massive spike in the miners.

Bear witness to my NUGT or SBGL or any number of miners up more than 10% today.

Today’s spike in gold coincided with a drop in the dollar, which was running into a buzz-saw of resistance. Truth is, gold was going higher anyway — with or without the dollar.

The dollar.

Yes of course gold is running into some traffic here too.

So what’s the play here? Is this time different?

Instead of weaving a narrative about inflation or asset allocators getting into gold, or sovereign wealth funds accumulating gold at a record pace, let’s just sit back and enjoy the ride — shall we?

The trend is up and the miners are very undervalued, based off historical norms.

I had no reason to sell today, so I didn’t.

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Markets Are Slowing Down and Boring — Time for MOAR Micro-Crap Pieces of Shit

Earlier today, some of you might’ve missed it, I got stopped out of IDEX for a 13% loss. What advantage to I gain from flaunting around my losses? Nothing but appeal — because I never want to set the illusion of being infallible, perfect in every way, in spite of being so damned close to it.

Testing the mood of the market, it’s clear to me that alternative energy, blockchain, cannabis, and gold are now the favored trading sectors in the market — with gold being the only real and tangible avenue of grandeur.

Listen to me now — I’ve purchased shares of FTFT, not because I like the company or believe in the merits of its CEO, or because I’ve heard rumors of positive pronouncements. None of that at all. I bought FTFT because it’s a dog shit stock with very low standing in the world. People who work there toil and are ashamed to admit working there. The company employs the worst people and do not offer competitive pay packages; hence morale is in the pits and everything about it screams scam.

But I don’t care about any of that — see. Le Fly hails from a place in America where the buildings are national treasures, secretive, and protected under the auspices of a dark regime. My weekends entail movies at the theatre, dinner at the eatery, cocktails in the house — dogs running wild in the fenced in yard chasing after trespassing deer. Late night drives now include zigging around dead animals, limbs of trees — zagging around piles of leaves and mounds of mulch — fuckery largess. Life outside the city walls is both bland and moribund — but safe, safe from the degeneracy and the addled asylum patients rampaging throughout the city with infected needles — shit covered fingers — ensconced by a criminal element that is never endearing — aside from the occasional stranger toss into the oncoming train.

So I bought FTFT.

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Leave Your Regards And Adoration For Le Fly Here

Once upon a time, this site was buzzing with miscreants. Before Exodus stole all of the energy and thunder, the free site was where the conversation was to be had. Some of the drifters and grifters might suppose iBC is no longer vibrant or very worthwhile, judging by the sparse comments on the blog — but that just isn’t the case. Thousands of comments and insults are flung around in the Pelican Room on a daily basis. Ruminations of my demise are grossly exaggerated, in spite of my apparent and obvious ever-lasting strength.

My virility is such that if I was trapped inside the jungles of India, surrounded by nothing but tigers, I’d punch all of their faces off until I was back in my hotel room sipping on black tea (dash of honey, some milk).

What did I do this morning?

Oh, I don’t know. How abut HARVEST SOME OF MY SHIT CROPS?

I sold MARA for +40%, FCEL for +33% and FNGU for +2.3% — just for good measure.

See pal, that’s who I am and you’re nothing…

…Fuck you — go home and play with your kids.

Pleasant comments about Le Fly can now be left in the comments section below. Thank you.

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Gold Hasn’t Even Begun to Move Yet…Watch

Goldfags throughout the universe are watching every tick now, as it swiftly moves into resistance — testing a 6 year traffic jam which has led to countless false starts and shattered dreams.

Seasonally speaking, gold is supposed to do well in February. According to the seasonality engines in Exodus — the returns should be both outsized and spectacular.

The reality has been nothing more than milquetoast — down 1% over the past two weeks.

As gold ebbs slowly like an overturned jar of sweet molasses — expect to see momentum traders enter the fray — providing tinder for this already moribund group of asshole stocks. Should gold not break out this week, I will quite literally chop my anatomy off and shoot myself into outerspace — never to be seen or heard from again.

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Wake Me Up When Bitcoin Breaks $5,000

You’re never going to be accepted mainstream. If your bitcoins rise too sharply — you’ll be placed under arrest and the IRS will seize all of your assets — tarnish your families name — and subjugate generations of your family to ridicule and scorn.

Bitcoin isn’t a viable option for anything but speculation. The idea that it can one day supplant the dollar is laughable and you know it. From a trading point of view, sure — bitcoins and etherum are pleasant distractions, no different from clowns performing at a carnivale or children frolicking in the schoolyard — beaming one another with tennis balls.

At the end of the day, believing that BTC is anything but fun is folly.

Under $4k, it is not even worth my time to look at — but only worthwhile to mock and ridicule.

At over $5k, I will take an interest and might even invest — for a trade.

From a stock point of view, there are a flurry of blockchain related plays that will rise with the ICO market — namely TEUM, RIOT, SRAX, OSTK, and MARA — just to name a few. In Exodus, I’ve isolated all of the blockchain plays and I’ll be watching them for action.

Speaking of which, I suspect we’re in the blow off top phase of the rally — which will culminate to an end of the rally at or around $175 QQQ. This should be a fine week to harvest gains and step aside, waiting for the homo-hammers at Apple to confirm that Q2 is looking all right.

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Gold Miners Less Than 3% Away From Testing 6 Year Resistance Level

Your grandchildren will one day ask ‘Papa — where were you when the great gold consolidation broke loose and shattered the hopes and dreams fo the bears’ (all said in an English accent)? Don’t be the shit-shoveler. Be the entrepreneurial guy who has his hands in everything — taking a piece of the action because he’s greedy and focused on ‘hustling.’

Look at that. Look at it. LOOK AT IT.

Why, the amount of money you stand to make in gold might allow your grandkids to avoid college altogether — maybe even high school. Why bother learning how to read, when in fact you can simply sell baseball cards and ‘hustle’ really fucking hard? I mean, fuck what the parents have to say. Your winnings in gold can help finance your grandchildren’s burgeoning careers in social media — getting their IG game on and maybe helping them build a Youtube audience.

Why, maybe they could take the entitlement you provide them with and start a wine tasting channel — which could blossom into this really fantastic venue for social mediaFAGS and hustlers, grinders, and high level keyed in entrepreneurs who don’t give a fuck about knowing how to read or write, as long as they’re being kind and empathetic and at the same time aggressively ripping people off with their hackneyed advice.

At the start of this post, I had no idea I’d end up here — stream of consciousness and all. My apologies to Vayner-maniacs.

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New Accounting Change to Lay Waste to American Balance Sheets

Quite honestly, at first I glossed over this article as a formality. But then I got to reading this and started to think about the already $10 trillion large debt loads on corporate balance sheets and then started to think it might be meaningful in the future. Knowing Wall Street, they’ll find a way to ex-out these liabilities. But, frankly, anything that increases the leverage ratio, inherently, makes it harder for companies to borrow cash and is bearish.

This could be especially doomful for oil and gas, and retailers.

A new corporate accounting rule is about to pull an estimated $3 trillion out of the shadows.

Starting this year, companies are required to record the cost of renting assets used in their operations, such as office space, equipment, planes and cars, on their balance sheets rather than bury that expense in the footnotes of their financial statements, thanks to a new accounting standard now in effect.

The result will be trillions of dollars added to liabilities on their books. Until now, only leases that led to the purchase of the asset were accounted for in this manner. The change, by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, is supposed to make it easier for investors to evaluate a company’s financial obligations.

Sheri Wyatt, a partner at accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, said “It’s going to affect all companies’ leverage. They will have more liabilities on their books than they had previously.”

Morgan Stanley expects the consumer discretionary sector to experience the largest increase in debt because of this change, and it estimates the leverage ratio for the retail sector to grow to 3.4 times from 1.2 times.

U.S. public companies are committed to a total of $3 trillion in operating leases, according to International Accounting Standards Board. Companies with large amounts of operating leases include retailers and restaurants that lease properties and airlines and shipping companies that lease airplanes, cars and ships.

It may force investors, including quantitative funds, to change the way they measure certain financial criteria they use in making their investment decisions. Leverage — measured in the ratios of debt to earnings or debt to equity — is a fundamental number used when evaluating a company’s risk.

Analysts and sophisticated investors hadn’t really ignored the large amounts of lease obligations when calculating debt ratios. For many years, they have been capitalizing leases by multiplying the annual rent expense by 8 times to get the estimated value of the remaining lease payments. However, the numbers companies now have to put on their balance sheets may look very different than those estimates.

“I do think people will have to adapt to new metrics – and they may be surprised. The liabilities and assets that companies report may look very different from the ad hoc estimates that people have used in the past,” Todd Castagno, equity strategist at Morgan Stanley, told CNBC.

“Those very common metrics that people look at to value equities, to look at performance, to screen for high quality stocks, all those ratios are going to change,” Castagno said.

Does this really change anything, other than a cosmetic change on the balance sheet? No. However, there will be some adjustment, especially for quants.

Food for thought.

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Stocks Crush Shorts to Top Off a Stupendous Week of Grandeur

The past two years I’ve come to know a lot more about my readership and my suspicions are correct. You’re mostly gambling, dicking around the edges of the earth — tipped over and steeped in complete bullshit — heading towards a resolution you cannot come back from.

I can’t do this shit forever and what will you do when Le Fly isn’t here to direct you?

I’ll tell you what.

A fool and his money will quickly part. If you weren’t born into money, then you’re not supposed to have it and the universe is trying to take it from you. Want a clear cut way to eliminate the generational curse, the affliction of the middle’d class and canaille? Work towards bequeathing large sums of your net worth to your offsprings. It’s a simple enough task.

Afraid of them becoming wastrels?

Structure the trust to be anti-spend thrift over 25 years. Create an investment arm that will outlive you and help finance future generations with your good name. I often see people donating all of their money to asshole charities that do nothing for their legacy or their family name. Why not create a charity that is dedicated towards the betterment of your family?

Not the worst idea.

Into the bell, top pick is gold, via NUGT. I also bought LABU, AMRS and sold a bunch of shit. Just join Exodus already — Jesus Christ.

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