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Closing Out the Week a Loser

My MTD gains have been reduced to just +30%, following a week of tumult — which fleeced me for 325bps. I cannot say for sure what was the prime mover in my disconnection from the Matrix, but I will insist upon success next week and for the foreseeable future, in order to cleanse myself from this feeling of fail.

The spectacle of having to endure losses is something I am not accustomed to in recent days — but know full well the manifestations of momentum and when one loses his initiative in markets.

Intra day, I weighted into more traditional names focused on inflation and trade with China. I have numerous speculative positions on, one of which is a 15% weight. My intent is to be reckless because failure is often met with desperation. I know how this story ends, since I have played it out innumerable times. But in the midst of the heated moment, it always feeeeeeels different.

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No Crash, Just a Slump

I closed out my SQQQ position shortly after 4am. I’m experimenting with trading at that time. I view it mostly as an advantage to the plebs who have to wait until 8am. I was able to save money on that exit.

Markets are straight up this morning but I’m still managing to lose coin, off by 50bps. I’m mostly cash and the stuff I have simply isn’t working. I need new stuff, but really don’t feel like it. Maybe later.

I’m up 119% YTD and have traded like a lunatic for months, so maybe I’m a little mentally stupid now, sort of mean reverting back to pedestrian.

My quant and other accounts are sharply higher, all except my trading. I’ll get around to it later today. Perhaps after a pot of coffee I’ll feel enamored by it again.

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Small Caps were de-legged today, off by 3%. The world kept spinning and mega caps barely felt the difference between today and last week. All the while, the disruption in momo stocks has taken on a 3rd day. Some might argue that this time will be no different from before. I ended up down 200bps, in spite of having 50%+ cash the whole day. I made a quick sojourn into LGHL at a 15% weighing and came out +11%. If it wasn’t for that, I’d be down more than 3%.

Into the bell, I hedged via SQQQ, another 3 times the size position. I did this, not because I wanted to hedge, but because I want the market to crash.

Now my timing on inverse ETFs has been perfect as of late, perfectly dreadful. Each and every time I buy — market places the bears onto a skillet and SEERS them. To be honest, I expect nothing different this go around. Nonetheless, I remain steadfast in my ability and willingness to bet against this market every single chance given to me.

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An Update on my Crypto Holdings

Bears think it’s over. Bulls think we’re pausing. Ethereum just doesn’t give a shit. The move in cryptos is palpable and you’d be insane not to recognize all of the hallmarks of a move about to head into hyper-drive. Having said that, I’d like to reiterate my position on ETH as the dominate player for the blockchain — but also bring up a salient point about purchasing SHITCOINS.

It’s perfectly all right, especially if you’re buying into the fever and have bought into coins that correlate with major cryptos. In other words, there’s no point in being a crypto snob — thinking your project is better than the next. When we are trading asset classes we only care about making money. Along that point, there are several smaller coins that correlate perfectly with ETH and offer even greater returns. I have not really delved much into them because I am a firm believer in the efficient market theory. Nevertheless, I think it’s a foregone conclusion that BTC wants $100k. At 27.5 to 1 BTC to ETH ratio, ETH will trade at around $3750 at $100k BTC. Digging deeper, I can say with utmost certainty that smaller coins like LINK, UNI, and OMG will perform even better than ETH, as we march towards $100k. Naturally fraud or something fucked up can change the dynamics — but trading asset classes isn’t complicated and you don’t need to be an expert on cryptos to understand the dynamics of fear and greed and correlation.

I have a substantial fortune in ETH, only because I am up 10x. I have smaller holdings in a pastiche of cryptos and intend on creating a SHITCOIN basket on March 1st — because, as I said before, BTC to $100k is a trivial bet at this point and nothing in the world can stop it.

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I’ve never felt better about losing 1.5% in a portfolio that is 80% cash than I do today. Seeing the NASDAQ -200 brings such joy to my soul — because I know so many out there are suffering under the pangs of exposure and I’ll soon be able to purchase their margin calls.

Yes I know I too am losing money and BOO-HOO quite sad. However, let’s look at the bigger picture here. I’m well equipped to withstand the sand storms that approach and will be offered safe passage when the time arises. The market is now filled with rank amateurs and people like me do not like them fiddling with prices and would prefer they go back to work.

It’s very likely the market does nothing what I want and rebounds. However, if it doesn’t, just know, Le Fly will be quite pleased to make a small monetary sacrifice in order to clean the market of its excesses.


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Off to join my local country club, on a day that I preside over magnificent losses. I ebbed into the markets once again this afternoon, met with two strong trades, and now it’s all gone south again — hammered to the face by 500bps.

Over in my super cool and awesome YOLO account, an account which I was boasting over 15% daily returns last week, I am in fact ass-kicked to the tune of 630bps, a marked improvement over the 850bps drawdown at today’s lows. I am keeping a very high cash position, upwards of 75% — because today is in ruins and there is not much that I can do other than wade into the markets slowly and methodically. If I dive in there like a younger man, I might not make it out alive. It’s best to see you people head out into the waters first, test the deep for some sharks, before I follow in.

I am hereby cutting today short. Our COCKLABS PROJECT is almost done. It has only taken us 15 years to develop and I am certain you will enjoy it for the 5 months you’re a member, just before blowing out your stupid little accounts in a Reddit gambit.

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What a malodorous tape!

I’m was sharply lower by 350bps at the open. I had sold everything to stem the bleeding, being caught off guard in a most heinous way. But then u got vacuumed back in with 35% of my cash. Those purchases have led me even lower to 400bps. I have two choices in front of me:

Hold the line and keep buying and possibly wreck myself to the tune of 1000000bps or perhaps I trade methodically, one or two stocks at a time in an effort to create a miracle.

There sell off doesn’t need explanation. We all knew it could come at any moment. But is it real? Will it survive? Can the bears win?

These questions and much more to be answered soon!

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Ignore the Indices

We were up sharply today.

If you made money it is because you have a well trained eye. If you lost money, your trades are stale — your dick flaccid.

I gained 310bps and made another 600bps in my overnight YOLO account. I am making money at will and nothing can ever stop me.

Yes, rates are soaring, now near 1.3%. But no one cares.

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The Stock Gods Favour Me Again

Last week I had a lapse in judgement when I cursed the stock Gods, mildly ribbed them for being cuckhold faggots. Since that time (Thursday), I have changed — became anew in the spirit of generosity and prosperity and have recanted my curses upon them. As I stand before you now towering, you must wonder “how does this man achieve all of this? How on earth is it possible?”

I am fueled by pure vengeance and rage. Literally nothing can ever stop me, as I am an immortal machine of profit — gallivanting freely with weapons in the stock market and chopping off heads for sport. Also, I am quite good at this. Also, my gains EXCEED 3% for the session, whilst the lot of you are mired in the amber of your own ignorance.

I’d offer help but you wouldn’t know what to do with it if I gave it to you. If you want my advice it is this: stop trading. This isn’t your business and you’re not cut out for it. You can make more being a waiter or a dishwasher. If you need ideas — eat the fish you are given in Exodus and shut up about it.

Midday fades are merely generational buying opps. I will be 100% long by the close.

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Energy Breakout — When Texas Freezes Over

During the long weekend I was delighted to see Texas’ windmills freeze over and as a result the entire state without power. While some may perish under the harsh conditions of 2 inches of snow, it was worth it — at least in my estimation. Having all that oil and not being able to do anything with it because of wind turbines is all very wonderful.

Early this morning energy stocks and nuclear stocks broke the fuck out. Oil is of course trending and people are now starting to wonder about wind turbines in the midst of GLOBAL WARMING. I am off to a good start, sporting modest gains of just 4%. I try my hardest to trade hard and well — but admittedly at times get distracted. Over the weekend I turned zero dollars into many of thousands trading to and fro cryptos. I had a grande time and left with a 100% win rate and much success. The money was there for me to grab, so I did it.

Right now markets look bland only to the untrained eye. But I, see, have a very trained eye and can tell you there are movements happening worth noting — such as in the shippers and tankers. What stupid denizens of ill repute! However, and this goes without saying, the US 10yr is at 1.27% and inflation is on the fucking move again. Morgan Stanley is already jerking off to “COMMODITY SUPER CYCLES” and the writing is all over the wall. Dare I say we are perhaps in the 1st inning of this commodity super cycle?

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