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Bear Trapped

I bet you (bearshitters) thought the DOW was going to tank, didn’t you?

Much to your chagrin, the market finished up more than 60 points, closing out the week in big dicked fashion.

Check this out:

We’re going higher bitches, despite what Carter Worth and other asshats say.

With my money, I’m buying bullshit garbage stocks, trying to help cause a domino short squeeze effect.

Basically, “The Fly’s” time machine is operational again, with wins in his shorts (TIF, DCR inverse) and bigger wins in his longs (JCG, FTK, VMW, LFT, etc).

As you know, VMI grates my soul, unable to bust loose. Patiently, I will keep buying the stock, until I get my way.

Finally, do not misconstrue my over-hyper bullishness for recklessness. Again, my portfolio’s are conservatively diversified amongst the 10 principal sectors in the S & P 500. And, no position of mine constitutes more than 7% of my holdings.

Never bet the house, just the car, wardrobe and watch.

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Fly Buy: TIF

I covered my TIF short, buying 5,000 @ $46.80.

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Buying Garbage

Right here, I’m taking profits on high quality names, like VMW, BBY, JCG, FTK, and “plowing money” into low-end garbage stocks.

Odd, no?

Just know, my rational is weak. I’m betting on a fucking short squeeze, thanks in large part to the sweaty palms of the shorts.

Currently, I’m aggressively buying ACF.

In addition, I might buy more CFC, SPF.

Finally, if properly inebriated, I might buy RDN, WM, SOV and maybe even CORS.

NOTE: My time frame is less than 1 week.

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Go Get Some Cheap Ass Coffee

I just got back from my local Mobil gas station. Upon entering the shitbag store on its premises, called “On the Run,” I spotted a sale.

Apparently, GMCR is supplying Mobil stations with some “good fucking bean,” much to the chagrin of SBUX.

They even have little caffeine shots, called “stok’d” or something, that has me wanting to break a chair over my trader/servants head.

In short, today is the last day to get a giant cup of coffee, for 99 cents. Moreover, the quality of the bean is as good, maybe better, as the homos who sell Dunkin’ coffee.


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Position Updates: RIMM

Thanks to a cautious Piper Jaffrey note:

Research In Motion: Nov channel checks indicated mixed demand – Piper Jaffray (120.55 -1.53) -Update : Before the open Piper Jaffray said Nov channel checks indicated mixed demand for smartphones and data-oriented devices across all four major U.S. carriers, as they noted an increasing mix of mid-tier phones for the Holiday Season. Given the potential for RIMM not launching any new key products for leading carriers during the Feb qtr and the overall normal seasonal decline in the N.America market following the Holiday Season, the firm is slightly lowering their Feb ests and maintained their Neutral, firm cuts their FY08 estimates to $2.13 from from $2.21 (consensus is $2.18). The firm says however they believe RIMM continues to enjoy a strong replacement cycle and continued strong new subscriber growth.

My sense, Piper may be right on this call. I would not venture out, buying this dip in RIMM, yet. Last week, I was lucky enough to buy RIMM, under $105.

Hopefully, I will get another chance to buy some under $105 again.

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Fly Buy: ACF

I bought 2,000 ACF @ $11.74.

UPDATE: I bought 8,000 shares @ $11.76

Disclaimer: If you buy ACF because of this post, by accident, your car will be repossessed. And, you may lose money.

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Bull vs. Bears

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2C1jZzEhHeU 450 300]

“I like that ring too.”

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Fly Buy: VMI

I bought 1,000 VMI @ $79.74.

Disclaimer: If you buy VMI because of this post, you may never win Chinese lotto. And, you may lose money.

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