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BREAKING NEWS: Developing….

UPDATED BREAKING NEWS: “The Fly” will teach you fuckers how to successfully blog, over the next week or so.

“Because a few complacent years
Have made your peril of your pride,
Think you that you are to go on
Forever pampered and untired”?

Edwin Arlington Robinson

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A Glorious Week

“The Fly” had so many wins this week, I’m sure you fuckers feel like you’re in the Twilight Zone, or some shit. I banked serious coin in [[NOV]] all week, while vacuuming the value of my neighbors 401k plans, via [[SKF]], [[SRS]] and [[FXP]].

Towards the end of the day, “The Fly” and his reps loaded up on [[CLNE]]. That fucker looks poised to ratchet higher.

In short, long energy, short everything else is a divine pair trade.

Stay tuned for more glorious trades, early on next week.

UPDATE: “The Fly” is winning, once again. Well done, internet miscreants.

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Fly Buy: CLNE

I bought 5,000 [[CLNE]] @ $ 14.35.

Disclaimer: If you buy CLNE because of this post, your dog will eat through your bullshit couch. And, you may lose money.

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A Spike in Natty Will Kill People

Literally. See, people can go without gasoline. Lots of indigenous folk do not drive cars and rely on welfare for their food and shit. However, you start fucking with the price of natty, then you will see outright revolt amongst the poor kind.

Natty is used to heat homes. It is used to generate electricity. If it keeps going up, it will rape this country of all discretionary income.

I know a few independent natural gas drillers. “The Fly” has quite a few “Nat Vegas” players on his client roster. They (the drillers) know the spike in price is bullshit. Some of the bigger dogs were capping their wells, a few years ago, due to lack of demand. Now, all of a sudden, natty is printing $11.50?

What the fuck?

I will not fight this trend. It is beyond control. The spike in commodities is pervasive. It is infecting everything and it is too powerful to bet against.

With oil and natty up at these levels, you’d have to be fucking nuts not own energy stocks.

Currently, I own [[ARD]], [[NGAS]], [[RIG]], [[OMNI]], [[IOC]] and [[NOV]].

My watch list includes:

[[GLBL]], [[WFT]], [[TRGL]], [[FPP]], [[FTK]], [[FTI]], [[EGY]], [[MIND]], [[CLHB]], [[HP]], [[RRC]] and ETF’s [[GAZ]] and [[UGA]].

NOTE: The yen is trouncing the dollar. Watch [[FXY]].

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Fly Buys: BAP, NOV

I bought 1,000 [[BAP]] @ $81 and 1,000 [[NOV]] @ $76.25.

Disclaimer: If you buy the above stocks because of this post, a wild bear will bite your arms  off. And, you may lose money.

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An iBC Call To Arms

Thus far, you fucktards have let “The Fly” down.

Listen to me. I am going to lunch now. When I get back, I better see “The Fly” in first place. I don’t ask for much, aside from total victory in meaningless internet elections.

Voting ends on Monday.

Click here to vote for “The Fly.”

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra70O9nps6E 450 300]


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