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Fly Buy: SKF

I bought 2,000 SKF @ $99.20.

UPDATE: I bought 1,000 SKF @ $100.12.

Disclaimer: If you buy SKF because of this post, the South will become “cool.” And, you may lose money.

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Fly Buy: FXP

I bought 1,000 FXP @ $78.50.

UPDATE: I bought 2,000 @ $79.22

Disclaimer: If you buy FXP because of this post, your electricity will get turned off, on Christmas eve. And, you may lose money.

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Inflation is for Asshats

I can tell you, there is no economic downturn at “The Fly’s” household. The tree is draped in gold, and the presents are so abundant; I trip over them, when trying to walk into the den.

After doing some serious, but casual, thinking, I’ve concluded short China will be my #1 pick of 2008, much to the chagrin of my FXI position.

It makes zero sense to expect the Chinese exchange to keep going up, when they are tightening monetary policy and being “homo-hammered” with inflation. When the fucking wheels fall off, “The Fly’s” burgeoning FXP position will make him rich-er.

As for today’s trading:

My prophecies of RIMM “unloading a clip or two” on the bears is coming to fruition, mainly because “The Fly” is much smarter than you.

I don’t like the market here, as it is being run by semi-alcoholic rank amateurs, who try to behave like robots.

With the remainder of my day, I will go for a ride in a long black car, in order to throw firecrackers at the fucktards on Wall Street, exclaiming: “don’t worry pal, they’re only jumpin’ jacks.”

Off to spend some euro’s.

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Microvision’s Latest Stand-Alone Projector

Believe it or not, I got this video link from one of you ‘tards in the comments section. If “The Fly” had decency, he’d say “thanks.”

Anyway, I’ve been trying to get information on what MVIS will show during CES, but its been hard. For some reason, in recent months, the casual chatter that once floated around is gone. Perhaps a sign the company is maturing and means business?

I hope so.

At any rate, all I get (from my sources) is the usual “you’re gonna be happy” reassurances.

Here is a link to some obscure Korean video, featuring a Microvision’s latest stand alone projector.

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Quick Alert: True Facts About “The Fly”

“The Fly” drives his car 150 mph, then does 90 degree turns, regularly.

Upon banking coin, “The Fly” usually celebrates by drinking the “richest whiskey around.”

“The Fly” no longer eats sword fish.

“The Fly” has documentation to prove an IQ of 155 and is able to read 800 words per minute.

“The Fly” really does hate his neighbors and regularly gets into heated debates, with all of them.

Over the past six months, “The Fly” has skipped lunch, in order to focus on “more important things,” such as: guzzling Blue Monsters or throwing darts at Tokman’s face (not his real face, a photo).

“The Fly” regularly goes for “late night drives,” without explanation.

“The Fly” is an avid reader, but hates shit that “isn’t classic.”

Rarely does “The Fly” read other blogs, mainly because “none of them are worth more than boredom.” However, when he does surf the net, he reads: Dinosaur Trader, MadStocks, Howard, Option Addict, Big Picture and Real Money.

“The Fly” refuses to drink out of plastic cups.

One time, “The Fly” knocked off 5 mustaches, two beards and seventeen eyebrows, with one punch.

For fun, “The Fly” mocks gangster rap.

In real life, “The Fly” is “not allowed” to curse or listen to “that stupid rap music,” as per Mrs. Fly.

Finally, “The Fly’s” favorite tv shows include: Fast Money, Journey Man (for obvious reasons), The Wire and Hell’s Kitchen. All other tv is considering “somewhat fucktarded.”

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[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNYgNpAX__M&feature=PlayList&p=8AF18B710B3DB739&index=9 450 300]

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You Can’t Fucking Stop Me

While most of you bearshitters lost money today, “The Fly” made money on his longs and shorts, finishing up .44% for the day.

There is something to be said about a market that refuses to go lower. However, the financials are still very weak, but may be due for a bounce.

I don’t care.

I will not sell my inverse ETF positions, due to my desire to hedge.

In the short term, I sense RIMM is about to unload a few clips on the bears. Additionally, while everyone else gives up on MVIS, I will buy more—into CES.

Finally, my current position is slightly bullish, with enough cash on the sidelines to accomplish a bearish bias.

I said it yesterday: “I’m done for the year.”

I’m just moonlighting now, hanging around, ruining other peoples days.

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Fly Buy: MVIS

I bought 1,500 MVIS @ $4.23.

Disclaimer: If you buy MVIS because of this post, you will fall victim to food poisoning. And, you may lose money.

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The Banks are Full of Shit

I love how the talking heads on CNBC and everywhere else defend the banking fools, saying: “they have no idea how big the write downs will be.”


They know how much exposure they have to credit related junk. In my opinion, they are trying to sweep the garbage under the rug, then exclaim: “hey, look how clean our fucking floors are.”

In short, if the damage is half as bad as the bears say, there is no reason to buy LEH, MER, MS, CFC, GS or any other financial stock, until they capitulate.

Naturally, of course, “The Fly” has no evidence to convict the bankers of “hiding their bullshit.” However, this is not the 1920’s, pre-computer era, where all positions were written on small pieces of paper—then stuffed in a filthy filing cabinet until the firm went bankrupt.

Plus, I have a time machine.

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Bear vs Bulls

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymoGJsaSS6c&feature=related 450 300]

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