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Bitcoin Has Busted Loose

Listen to me —

If you’re selling $BTC here — you simply do not understand human behavior and how we respond to asset price inflation. After years of being BOGGED DOWN below record highs, we have finally achieved new highs for $BTC and other cryptos — sending the bears downward for good. The way this works, if I might suggest, is the price action will take on a ribald nature and GIGASPIKE towards the next logical rest place of $100,000.

I am not long $BITX at the present — but still own my $BTC, $SOL and my wife seems to have other shit coins and some $ETH. I am a believer and want to see the proliferation of $BTC to continue — laying waste to the trust people have in the FOMC.

I am 72% cash now, indifferent to the tape, +165bps.

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