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Arrogant Bulls Bleed

It was long overdue — the degenerate class of investor had their oatmeal eaten for them today with drop dead pin action impugning the dignity of the semiconductors — sending shares of $NVDA down more than 5%. The entire index bled out, alongside tech, to the tune of 3.9%.

The arrogance of the bulls is completely unhinged and unchecked and a great comeuppance not only looms — but all but assured. Into the close, I doubled up on my $BITX position — as I am convinced a great big splash higher for $BTC looms. I am also 12% allocated into $SQQQ — because fuck the transgendered bulls. I hope this market rots in hell.

Acrimony aside, I had a pleasant session — +47bps — because I am a professional and do not give up gains. I am certain the vast majority of you absolute pants shitting clowns got racked with losses today, massive reversals underway and you did nothing but gawk at it. You let it happen and now you’re only hope is mercy.

Come Monday, I fully expect BROKEN ELEVATOR pin action — cables cut clean — everyone drops to the fucking car crashes and blows up.

Have a nice weekend.

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