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The correction is over, bulls win, bring forth dull summer trading

Hallelujah, happy Mother’s Day and good morning,

I do not seek your admiration or praise while I highlight that we called the beginning of the correction here on the RAUL blog.  I only highlight this historic post to demonstrate that there is a method to these market and if you focus on the right information, consistently, then you will develop a means of extracting actionable signals from the stock market.

Anyhow, 3-months removed, and I am making another call.  The correction is done.  Unless a major event occurs (asteroid, nuke, evil forces like CITI GROUP finally succeeding in destroying Tesla) then bulls will cruise into summer, ushering in ‘boring’ Dow 40 days and rally after rally on low volume.

It should be noted that before February 3rd I have never called for a correction.  And therefore I never had the chance to say when a correction was over.  So today is very special.

I have little more to say.  Soon an entire gaggle of mothers will descend upon mothership.  Yesterday I did the prep work to host these meat loving ladies, who will be enjoying a barbecued chicken thigh that I marinated overnight and lightly coated with Sicilian olive oil.  Sides include little potato pouches full of buttery herby goodness, a cauliflower and cashew mash, a traditional Italian table salad, and an assortment of fun sides like frozen grapes to keep the champagne cool.

Mother’s day is the one day to project stability to the women in your lives.  Women spend an inordinate amount of time worrying.  If we can alleviate their silly nature for just one day, let this be it.

I am balls-on-the-carrot-chopping-block bullish into the rest of May, and possibly beyond.

As always, TBD.

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