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Coincidence or Sign?

Yes, it felt like the NASDAQ buyers were eviscerated today and yes my concoction of a long book gyrated almost 6% peak-to-trough—but I don’t feel surprised.  We opened for trade in the middle of a volume cave way the hell out of balance.  Price gapped higher, filled lower, found buyers at the base of the cave, quickly auctioned in the opposite direction (we’ve discussed the nature of this type of move) back through the cave and higher.

This is where the surprise hits…

Overhead supply begins selling into the up move, we slash through the opening swing like butter, down through the cave and over the hill to grandmother’s home.  The action was so dynamic it set a lower high and a lower low.

I was the fighting the tape for a bit, but not as egregious as when the market corrected me in January.  However, I was all over the place today, I had 14 orders.  My broker banked today, without question.

While I did all of this tail chasing to raise some cash and rotate into other names simultaneously, Elroi was robot trading the crap out of /NQ_F going 4-for-5 with all intraday shorts.  Elroi never thought once about going long today.  Eventually he got my attention considering he now talks and blinks like a proper robit!

He’s still in the shop until I completely understand his quirks.

Above I have described my natural auction mind and mechanical robot mind.  Now my brain:


Like in the real world, the complete degenerates win.  My pot stocks are winning and LEDs ripping.  I am hunting more deals in every corner of the world.  At my pinnacle, I post my TOP THREE HOLDINGS at literally the moment Twitter, ehm…BREAKS, and I have put a solid jinx on the market.  Meanwhile,  Citron kills fuel cells and every other green tech with the delicious and powerful lemonade.

The game is rigged and I killed Twitter.

Anyhow, I must move on to more pressing matters.  Good day to you.

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