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Thank You Market

They used to make this soundboard of Arnold Schwarz….here it is http://www.crocopuffs.com/soundboard/arnold.html

Something hit the tape this afternoon and sent the futures and many stocks spiraling lower, off their strong days.  I ended the day still very green, and added some risk into the selling.  On the surface, I am surprised by the sellers.  I will need to take a closer look, but they managed to hold off an afternoon snapback rally more than I anticipated.

We may see an interesting closing to the week.  But if you’re stomaching some draw downs and thinking of capitulating, know your levels well.  Know where the trade is wrong and be sure it is good and wrong before you sell.  This is posturing ahead of month end, and it could be a shakeout.

Monday is a new month.  Remember that.  Also, Monday, Raul takes everything to the next level.

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    One of my favorite Aphex Twin tracks. Also love “Flim” you no doubt know it… –> http://youtu.be/RhHkUg-QCwk

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