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Ceremonial Three Hundredth Post

After not battling but going with the flow as my afternoon commute home morphed into anything but normal, I fed the animals and grabbed my gym bag.  As I headed back to my car I recalled earlier when I saw a Dodge Ram blow a tie-rod on the highway.  Wobbly, wobbly, piece of shit, I thought.  I had a lovely swim and it was back to make preparation for my three hundredth post.  There was much work to be done.

First and foremost, a heavy salad was prepared.  Arugula, kale, and mixed greens were a bed for a large cut of turkey breast (modern grocery=heaven).  After dinner, sufficient wood was gathered and a modest fire was built in the hearth.  Three thickets of sage were lit ablaze from the young fire and used to smudge the parameter walls of casa de Raul.  A liter of Pellegrino, a glass with three ice cubes and three tablespoons of Sicilian lemon juice, and a cup of blackberry sage tea steeped thirty seconds sit beside me.  Hello everyone, welcome to the very ceremonial three hundredth post.

I’ve learned much in three hundred posts.  And things have been pretty awesome since I picked up the pen.  I have more ideas in my mind now, they’re becoming tangible, I’ve met some brilliant minds both on and off the internet, and I’m banking coin in the stock market.  I’m swimming better in the pool then I have in my entire life.  I’ve always been more of an open water guy, thus my game at the walls is weak.  For a long time, I just accepted it and stuck to perfecting my stroke mechanics for when I got back to open water in the summer.  I decided recently to make my greatest weakness my greatest strength.  Now the wall is my favorite part!  This is very anecdotal to trading.  For me, perfecting one trade strategy and repeating it over and over and over until muscle memory clicked is what got me cash flow.  This is the second of three steps for any successful business.

There’s a three stage progression to build a business: capital, cash flow, go for the jumbo.  That is it, any business, all kinds.  Now that I’ve progressed into stage two I can build a plan to address my greatest weakness.  Then I diligently execute that plan through a series of good decisions.  You don’t need to be a genius to make good decisions, but you do need good data.  Given the right information, most of you are smart enough to make enough correct decisions to be successful.

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face” – Mike Tyson

When you get punched, don’t fight back.  Be water, amorphous.  A good plan has the ability to change as conditions merit.

I suppose these are some of the bigger themes I’ve been executing lately.  And groundwork is being made for the big salami.  The leap of faith to pure entrepreneurship.  You’ve met me at a strange point in my life.  A transition phase so planned for, so diligently executed, that the year 2013 was pinpointed.  I’m 27 (divisible by three) which is damn near a perfect age.  2013 is of course divisible by three.  There was that whole galactic alignment to start the year.  It’s my busting out year.

So an interesting archive this blog makes.  Unless The Fly vaporizes my entire existence into dust, which he may, I can always come back to these most noble halls and see my words spread across the screen like aged scrolls. Suppose The Fly does vaporize everything, perhaps it’s for the better?

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  1. BathSaltTrader

    Congratulations on 300 entertaining posts, and more importantly, seeing your best laid plans materialize into reality. I think your posts add a lot to the discussion here and in a language that is familiar and recognizeable. Here’s hoping The Fly grants you permanent asylum

  2. Jworthy

    Concur with what was said in the prior comment. Congratulations.

  3. DJMarcus

    Congrats man – I really enjoy reading your stuff.

  4. Raul3

    Thanks for the kind words gents

  5. Sooz

    Keep up the great work, Sir Raul.