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The 20 year Treasury bond ETF has put in three significant swing points since its late July peak, and I’m positioning for what I expect to be significant point four (second lower-high) and the potential for significant point FIVE (lower-low, momo hoes).

Have a look:

I bought TBT this afternoon in anticipation of the above scenario. You will notice it’s a near mirror image of the TLT chart. I will look to take my first 1/3 scale if price trades into reference point “(3)” to lock in some gains. Not rocket science, just a bit of risk management wrapped into a momentum mentality.

Beyond that, I’m planning some grandiose events for this upcoming weekend to welcome the gentle seasonal change.



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  1. redman59

    Nice to see you have the same view for TLT, took more of a neutral trade expecting some bouncing around but expectations to the down side.

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