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I’ve felt we bottomed and would collapse about 10 times today, each time churning my account over to suit my current emotions. I have been rangebound from +50bps to down 50bps and now sit near my session lows — after diving in headlong only to quickly vacate some positions and throw on some hedges.

I am reticent to short too heavily because rates are falling, down 8bps. I am also long $TLT with 12% of assets.

I am hesitant to go all in long because the technicals are weak and everything is lower.

I have an edge with Stocklabs with a tool that rates large cap stocks in the aggregate and we are now nearing levels that could mean two things.

1. Major shift in the mechanics of the market — perhaps going from bull to bear.
2. We are approaching a pivotal mean reversion moment where stocks are going to move sharply higher.

Don’t be dissuaded by the action. It has been tough, even for a consummate shit talking professional such as myself — as I gaze into my fucking screen and bear witness to another down session.

Find solace in knowing the sun also rises and one day, perhaps soon, we’ll all be galloping, or perhaps frolicking even, across the clouds with our pet giraffe’s — enjoying the market once again and feeding off its sweet ambrosia as the structures of society crumble around us and the edifice of order turns into chaos and melee.

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