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Here is something useful.

1 week SAA score

YTD SAA score

What the fuck is an SAA score and why should you even care? Well, fucked face, those are your top ranked stocks by technicals inside Stocklabs. We have our own algorithm to rank stocks. We do it for fundies and technicals. We have one for intra day, which is the default tech score. And then we have the Stocklabs Advanced Algos (SAA), which is an aggregate. The YTD scores above demonstrate the very best stocks, technically speaking, for 2023. We have numerous time frames and I use these tools to track for rotation in markets, to see which areas are firming and getting soft.

Early going, I’m up 88bps, but now mostly cash. I prefer to move to cash after a successful gambit and will largely remain in cash until mid afternoon.

Heading into the final month of December, I have to admit to being bearish. I’m not bearish now and perhaps I’ll chance my mind. But on the whole, December is typically a poor month to trade stocks. Santa Claus rallies rarely materialize into anything of note.

On a separate issue, I might reopen my trading mentorship Programme dubbed CAPSTONE, but only for a few people in 2024. I launched this in 2018 and quickly regretted it because people paid me to not listen to my advice, so I stopped the service. I still have a handful of people left and they’ve listened and done well. This is a 1 on 1 coaching call for an hour, with the goal of making you less retarded.

If interested in being less retarded, email me at flybroker at gmail and we can see if we’re a good fit or not. I’ll likely take only 5, which I figure is a good way to donate my time, in a most Christian and charitable way, for a small fee of course.

All proceeds will of course go to me, which is an excellent cause.

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