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Closed Out the Month A Winner

Here are my returns by the month fr 2023.

Do you know what that equals pal? It means you should shut the fuck up and withhold from offering me financial advise. Is this my first year doing so well?

Look here pal — you can search the archives of iBankCoin and see the long rich history of market success. This is my trade. It is what I do. I could give a flying fuck is you listen to me or not. But what I will not tolerate is disrespect.

For example: there is a Native American running about inside Stocklabs today trying to warn me about pending doom, cajoling me to “post a bullish blog” and to “buy lots of $SOXL” because he believes, in his distorted Indian brain, that me doing these things will “mark the top.”

PRAY TELL ME BIG CHIEF: what evidence do you have to prove that “The Fly” is in fact a counter indicator?

In fact, if you made it your business to only bet against me since 2000, you’d find yourself in the bankruptcy court about 20 times for zeroing out the accounts in emotional gambits rooted in complete idiocy.

I am nothing special, merely a weathervane of the market, keenly positioned with an emotional gift to forecast moves. It is my specialty.

Into the first day of December, I am 112% leveraged long, no hedges, intent on extending my cock through the month and int 2024 larger than ever.

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  1. flea

    Better take Mrs. Fly out to a nice dinner so she’ll stop telling you how you do nothing all day and to get up off your ass and get a job. There’s no honor for a Profit in his home town.

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