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The Secret Bull Market in Industrials

I thought I’d take a break from talking about me and touch on a part of the market that goes largely unseen, especially from day traders. The fucking industrials are zooming and have been zooming for quite some time now. Doing a macro search of the highest growth rate by sector brings me directly to the industrials, +13% TTM. I ask people around the country what they’re seeing and almost everyone says they’re seeing lots of construction projects happening.

Here in Raleigh, I see nothing but cranes, as all of you northern scum come down here to escape your northern dystopian hell holes.

Most traders are attracted to the high stakes, high volume, high reward of tech. But in the underbelly of the market are these fucking stocks that are crushing, almost all of them growing on the top line as well we generating FCF.

Here are the top rated in Stocklabs.

and some other notable FCF generating beasts.


The only explanation for all of this greatness is the boom we are in that we (I) sometimes pretends isn’t happening because we (I) find something wrong with society that needs correcting. This isn’t a cultural or even a long term attestation of good times in America but a mere fact that certain areas of the economy are incredibly strong now.

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    CLF. ,My favorite stock. I’ll hold it til I die.

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