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ALERT: Super High Risk Environ Persists

I know you’re having fun with your bullshit 4 figure accounts, taking it to the man. But I am here to remind you that “the matrix” always wins and the periods of time when the plebeian class investor reigns supreme is almost always fleeting.

But because of this new environ fueled by angry mobs of Redditors and Xers wanting to express their disdain for the status quo, we have created an environ of very high risk for traders. The Exodus out of normal stocks and into complete bullshit, like $KOSS, $GME, and $AMC, means that when the Third Estate liquidates to finance their chicken nuggets diet, all hell will bust loose to the downside.

Bear in mind, I do not know when this will end and it could last much longer and I hope it does. But I know how it ends, the way it has always ended throughout time, with rivers of tears and ruin as the canaille are once again CRACKED ASUNDER by those with greater means.

I had tried my hand in numerous trades today, but I keep missing the pivots. I didn’t have the balls to buy $FFIE, now up more than 300%, and I most certainly will not buy $AMC or $GME up here in spite of the vibe. Unlike many of you out there in the wilderness, The Fly is a professional of the first order and will not be tricked, or fooled, into retarded gambits.

+70bps, 85% cash.

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  1. soupbone

    The fact rates have been raised aggressively and this is still in play is proof to the strength of the inflation that has been created by governments, and is still being created by deficit spending idiots in the majority of western countries. Whereas if the regular cycle involving a deleveraging period (recession) was allowed to happen inflation or stagflation would be avoided. What may seem to palatable in the short run, for politicians in particular, will turn out to be a fate worse than recession. And the ones throwing the liquidity, as in the subject of your post, will be the first to suffer and probably suffer most.

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