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I’d like to quickly elucidate what has been transpiring the past week in one stock chart, ticker $FFIE.

This soon to be zero EV play was trading at 10 cents at the time the $GME craze took off. It was boosted by all sorts of influencers, topping out today near $4, an incredible move. When it crescendo’d there today and slipped, buyers panicked and the fucking stock collapsed like lead balloons resting on cheap tents. The stock is back to $1 and it’s over.

There are all sorts of these runners happening, even $BNED took the fuck off by 200% before “resting.” All of this is gambling and beneath a man of my station. However, the major corporate winner in all of this excitement is $HOOD, the proverbial picks and shovels of this new gold rush.

On the issue of gold, it’s clear to me there is something awry in the metals market, with big dicked gains in Silver, Nickel and Copper to lead the fray. We have ourselves an interesting tape, but it isn’t without worry. Every so often fuck you candles harangue the tape, causing late buyers to find religion about their purchases.

I closed the day +51bps, 112% leveraged long and without hedges. I am just about flat for May, which is disgraceful and disgusting. But life is long lads and there is time to make things better, do things more efficiently. If you’ve had a modicum of trading success, like I have, you know that on a long enough time line things work out. But this doesn’t mean you sit back and take your God given rights for granted. I must work hard all the time, permitting myself to only relax during brief moments in the day. I live a disciplined life bereft of vices and fun. I do not partake in hedonism because I believe life should be hard. I endeavor to maximize my success in the trade of my choosing, collect wealth and prestige, drop dead and leave a legacy behind through inheritance and personal interactions to last a few generations. If you’re asking for more than that, well then, good luck.

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    I’m thinking the Hunt brothers might have come back seeking revenge.

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