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I don’t want to discuss $GME anymore, other than to remind you that when a bad company’s stock goes up, the CEO of that company will almost always take advantage of the situation and issues shares. Remember that.

That said, I’m barely up this morning, which isn’t ideal to say the least. Pre market looked promising but we are sort of listless here with bland action and dispassionate fervor.

I do like the China stocks and bought some $BABA. My trading aside, there is a massive and notable move in commodities here, led by copper and silver and gold and even nickel and zinc. It’s similar to the risk off vibe we had at the onset of the Ukraine war. Russia centric materials are gapping up and silver is beloved by those who want to “end the Fed.”

Take that what you will. Are we pricing in war, inflation, the end of the Fed, or all of the above or none of it and this move will shortly be revoked?

My sense is the copper move is tethered to Chinese growth and/or demand, so either China is taking off now or they are hoarding the metal.

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  1. metalleg

    Silver is having a day.

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  2. soupbone

    Commodities are telling us the Powell pivot is dead, as are rate cuts off the table. But it’s an election year, they will try to subdue this actively as it is pivotal; especially in gasolene prices and oil (already visible). And all of which activity is automatically inflationary. hoo haw.

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