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The Airbnb host warned me about traversing the Roma Termini at night, all but assuring I’d get robbed and stabbed. He said he doesn’t even drive past it out of fear of getting stabbed inside his car. My initial opinion of Rome is similar to everything else I’ve seen in Italy: overrated shithole.

It’s not a shithole in the traditional sense, if you will. Instead, it’s just an another place where a bunch of people live but without Amazon prime and all of the modern amenities that makes America so much better. This actually leads to me believe a little bit in the GLOBOHOMO, as the civilization they’ve created, in spite of their satanic perversions, is pretty good. I guess it’s a grande trade off. You can live in the most beautiful place in the world but your kids might want to either cut their dicks or tits off.

The Italian food is good. But you have to understand something, I was raised and lived in the NYC area for most of my life. The liberal piece of shits know how to cook a great meal. Also, I’m a master chef myself and can cook Italian just as good as any of these fuckers here.

I managed to squeak out 7bps in trading from train to cafe today. Tomorrow I venture out on a fucking tour of the Vatican view the splendor. All jokes aside, the trip was worth it just to see these amazing works of art in person. The Duomo at Siena was just about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Nonetheless, Italy is still a shithole.


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  1. raleigh_t

    “It’s not a shithole in the traditional sense, if you will”

    ^ that’s one of the funniest things I have ever read.

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