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Greetings from the Vatican

I am situated a few blocks from the Vatican and before I insult Italians who read me, I’d first like to say that they created unbelievable art 500 years ago. But since then migrants who’ve visited and lived in Rome and made it a general shithole. The Italians you see scrambling about on their little scooters up and down the “vias” aren’t the same DNA as Michelangelo. You fuckers look like Ciro from Gomorrah now and have criminal minds.

There is a vast difference between the sophistication of the English and French to the Italians. They’re basically just like the people I hated in Brooklyn, but without the idiot NY accents.

As for the other cities of Europe: wonderful — but they have an African stabbing you in your ass problem and it’s all over for them. These fuckers are first Gen street vendors. Their children will grow up to hate the whites and eventually attempt to cannibalise them. You can see the decay and rot.

Any way, I’m off to eat now, up 106bps and net short into the close.

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