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Full Review on Tuscany

Generally speaking, this region is interesting if only for its very old architecture, which is the reason why so many people visit it. This entire city of Florence hasn’t been upgraded since the 1300’s. The people don’t give a fuck about Twitter. Google isn’t a house hold name and heading out with friends for drinks and dating women is normal here. In other words, Tuscany is like America in the 80s but with buildings from the 1300’s.

They don’t have grande shopping malls, highways, or Targets. They shop at small piece of shit Carrefours, eat at sandwich shops, drink wine all night, and ride around on little scooters or bikes. The people are generally polite, but the men are masculine. You don’t see any soyboys at all and the African street vendors are extremely timid.

Would I live here?

Probably not. The only city I’ve visited so far that I’d live in is Edinburgh. London is very good too. Paris was beautiful but ancient and sort of backward like Florence and Milan. The trade off for not having all of the comfortable trappings of Globohomo is your kids grow up to know their genders. In that sense, every single European city I’ve visited so far is superior to most major American cities. The pace of life here is fast — but the place is also FESTOONED by tourists. Without tourism, all of these places would collapse.

Tomorrow I depart for Rome.

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  1. metalleg

    Lots of good gelato places in Rome but this one was my family’s favorite.

    Near the Pantheon.


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  2. sierra water

    “Tuscany is like America in the 80s but with buildings from the 1300’s.”


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