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You should be envious — but I hope that you’re not. Any person who goes to the internet in the manner that I do and boast and holler and yell at people — bragging in such a manner must cause some degree of irritation amongst the prole class of person.

Hey — LOOK AT ME peacocking up 40.44% for the year.

Oooh, that’s impressive — isn’t it? I must be super smart. What did those gains do for me, you might ponder? Absolutely nothing.

Is iBankCoin more traveled than last year?

A little.

How about Stocklabs? Are you enjoying a booming business due to your absolute brilliance in the markets?

Positively No.

I think my blog ad rates are up to around $45 per blog now — so that’s impressive. The only issue there, as of my last daily update, my ad vendor decided not to pay me this month. Perhaps his money was held up at SVB. I should be empathetic.

I do not expect to change the lives of many — because men do what men want. If, by chance, I help a few out along the way — then it’s all worthwhile. This isn’t exactly a charity, as I am afforded some luxuries out of reach for most. But for some odd reason, I keep thinking that I deserve more. This is a feeling I cannot shake and I always need to remember that, in the end, people get what they deserve.

Into Q2, I am unhedged and I even own some FRC — since I am up so much and can afford a brief drawdown. All in all, I cannot recall a better winning streak and feel for the market than now. I’ve had bigger percentage gains in runaway tapes. But everyone was making money then. This +40.44% is impressive, not because it’s a lot of money — but because I did it when mostly everyone else suffered. For me, that’s what it’s all about.


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  1. duuude


    It’s one of life’s bizarre pleasures following your journey

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  2. john galt

    Outstanding, a bow is well deserved! Just got back from a free revivalists concert at Jackson hole. Snowstorm drive home, pretty….. life is a beautiful thing

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