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The market is white hot now, amidst the news of Trump destined for prison on ironically Trumped up charges. Perhaps investors believe this is just the thing to endear Trump to America for another term. I just happen to think he’ll end up the way of Assange.

I made some appropriate moves today and pressed my fate with the gods, +233bps in spite of a crashing of one of my quant generated picks: AEHR -16%.

Yesterday all was lost and forlorn. Today I’m tossing bowling balls down at the ants below. This is the life of a Senor Tropicana, captain of industry.

I’ll probably buy some more FAZ by the end of the day, as I close out March in extreme style up more than 13%.

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  1. purdy

    Trump’s the gift that keeps on giving. There’s lots of stuff that they can use to distract half the country, but this’ll distract TDSers as well as Trump fans. Brilliant.

    Israel bombing quake-devastated Syria, no prob. Biden’s handlers starting WW3, no prob. Would you like to know my pronouns?

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