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At any moment this grande eloquence you see before you can rapidly trans morph into a nightmarish hellscape where Carl Quintellia (sp?, who gives a fuck) presides over a sharply lower tape, paired like a fine wine with disastrous news.

I’ve already conducted a billion trades this morning, mostly all profitable, on the long and short side, and am barely up 30bps. Out of the blue came a FUCK YOU red candle, followed by another and then another. Now we get a green one and everyone is back at it.

Last night Biden talked a lot of shit in the SOTU, none of which I paid any attention to. Do you remember 20 yrs ago when Bush was praising the virtues of his infrastructure plan, only to once again go nowhere. Face it, America WILL NEVER invest in itself, but instead far distant places that we like to destroy and then rebuild using no bid contractors.

It is over, but we are enjoying the last remnants of Pax Americana.

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  1. purdy

    He looked relatively great last night
    …upgraded his blood boys perhaps?

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