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Who Cares About News?

Hey Asshole,

Are you still reading up on how the economy is just about to spill over and collapse? How is that working out for you so far? I want you to recognize that no one in the whole world is more bearish than me, truly at my core. There isn’t a single person alive who truly and emphatically wants to see WESTERN FINANCE AS WE KNOW IT burn to the ground. However enjoyable a scene that might be for me, I am also rooted deep in reality — which of course works against me in a variety of ways but not when it comes to trading stocks.

I took most of the day off, came back after 2pm, and then proceeded to ride the wave higher +155bps for the session — placing me in the upper echelon of investors alive today +27.4% for 2023. All of these grandiose returns is meaningless of course, unless I intend to do something with the money, such as entreat myself to a RUINOUS European vacation in May — or perhaps partake in home renovations of the delirious varietal. Either way, my gains are meaningless, as far as I am concerned. Money is only important when you need it and when you need it you much — it turns you into a monster.

We are in a bull market. I am the authority on the matter and all other opinions are invalid, until I say otherwise.

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  1. rigged game

    Now that’s more like it! Thank Uncle Joe tonight! But tell the
    summbich not to run in 2024. He’s too fuckin’ OLD!

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  2. indie

    fuck… still doing renovations?

    I have plenty of unsolicited advices to give out.

    Please, go on a European trip. Enjoy tasty food in small portions. Dont ask for the doggy bag, monsieur! You sad miser. You’ll be a long way from buttfuck kansas or wheverever piece of asphalt world you have relocated yourself lately.

    Btw, russia isn’t europe. not part of nato. you might be blocked from re-entry. they’ll monitor your twitter account and tell you to head back to putinstan. Start anew, make family. give birth to illegitimate children. start anew!

    ????? ???????!

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