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Good day Gents,

Let’s skip over the analysis and me hedging my ideas with words of caution. The fucking Chinese are going to GIGA SPIKE $BTC tonight, once they awaken from their slumber. We are now through $70,000 $BTC and $SOL is STEAMING for $200. Nothing can stop this locomotive and I hope that you are, in fact, along for the ride.

I am heavily long $BTC and 12% weighted $BITX (2x BTC) and some $MSTR to booted. About midday I was tired of being flat for the session so I leveraged up to 165% of equity, but removed myself from margin before the bell due to my professional and cautious nature.

I didn’t have a great day, but did close +66bps with an eye for the after hours session, pinning all of my hopes and dreams on the orient, thinking they too prefer to buy into the rally rather than pussy out and harvest profits.

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