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Degeneracy Might Be Making a Strong Comeback

I know the indices show red, but my screens show lots of green, especially in the small capped space, especially in the Biden oriented beta-cuck windmill sectors. I took out two losses today for 6% and dove right back into the thick of things and declared myself “a man” with some high beta stocks — beta cucked that is. I will soon depart you to WALK THE FUCKING DOGS in the cruelty of the cold weather.

I am 35% cash and eager to find new ideas — but I will not, I shant participate in this oil driven tomfoolery. I would rather die 1,000 times in a burning car under water than lose another cent in a fucking Californian oil well.

Nevertheless, things more or less look ambient. My quant is up 94bps and I am feeling well rested, fed, and flexible.

More later.

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