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Skating Rapidly Towards the Pagan Holidays

Greetings yet again. Markets are stable and I am of course making money in some pockets and areas of finance. There is a lot to consider, as we race quickly towards the Xmas tree that towers over thousands of dollars of gratuitous “presents”. Items granted to our loved ones because “it’s super cute” or “super awesome” and we really like to display our affection for one another via meaningless items purchased online via PayPal.

However, and in spite of all the contrary evidence, I am extremely bullish on mankind, even Bill Gates. It is my belief that people want and will do the right thing. And as a whole, society continues to evolve and progress towards a dignified standard of living for all. Perhaps if you only focused in on the inane or perused ANTIFA and MAGA rallies you might think otherwise. But deep down, in the real world, you know I am right. Heck in America the poorest amongst us are fat, lazy slobs, befitted with iPhones, parlays all day smoking pot paid for by government.

Bear in mind, all of this grandeur that you enjoy is only possible under a dollar supremacy. If, for whatever reason, the dollar lost its reserve status, we’d be in a much different position. The dollar is only reserve status due to our financial mite, backed by our space aged military. The second we lose that gusto, all falls. Until then, enjoy the trimmings of late stage crony-capitalism and quit trying to fight the momentum. We have a good thing going and I enjoy my life, albeit it’s a big moribund at the moment. Depression is of course a state of mind. If feeling glum, I strongly advise some exercise and several hobbies. Keep a schedule going and try to maintain a strong physique.

Into the final hour, we are bullish and we shall buy MOAR.

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