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Le Fly Comes Back to Trade From Morning Siesta and Gets FLEECED

I had a good thing going. My quantitative investments were working on my behalf. My trading room in Exodus was working autonomously, with other traders stepping up and banking coin. I had a delightful morning filled with nature and exercise and high quality food.

Upon returning, I chanced upon a BLONDE BITCH, ticker symbol BDR. It was running and I was barely invested, having went into the close yesterday 95% cash. I took a minor position and then proceeded to eat a piece of pumpkin pie, some coffee, listening to wonderful music — having a grande olde time with lots of gratuitous laughter due to the banter inside of the Pelican Room.

Then the bitch went lower and I had to decide: “do I double down and perhaps initiate the MARTINGALE STRATAGEM, or cut my losses at 10%?”

I doubled down and inside 15mins, the WHORE ran higher. I was almost breakeven and I boasted with a chest filled with hubris, something along the lines of “BET AGAINST CAPTAIN FLY, AND YOUR ENTIRE FLEET SINKS!” Immediately afterwards, the BLONDE BITCH took me for my coin and dove to $1.50, where I locked in a 17% loss on a double sized position — ruining an otherwise picture perfect day — removing 250bps from my irrevocable trust.

I then attempted to trade back, and made some minor headway — but eventually ceded the day off by 150bps, 65% long — heavily and heartfully long a pastiche of COVID-19 plays — because the world depends on it.


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