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Markets Drift Higher Again; Nothing Stops It

Markets are higher by 90 Dow points this morning, in what I consider a ‘garden variety’ melt up. Unfortunately, at least for me, I am BOGGED yet again — lower by 130bps — thanks in large part to SRNE. I sold it this morning for a crisp 13% loss. The reasons as to why it went lower — I don’t give a fuck.

Stated goal for today: trade back to breakeven and then thrust forward. I will conduct 1 million trades if needed. I went lower yesterday and being lower today, amidst a strong market, relegates me to the trash heap of traders. Ergo, and this goes without saying, this is unacceptable.

Separately, banks are strong today, due to strong earnings. I have very little negative things to say about today’s set up, so I am eager to get out there with the tools that I have available to me and trade god damn it.

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